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American holidays

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ANGLIČTINA MATURITNÍ OTÁZKY AMERICAN HOLIDAYS NEW YEAR´S EVE New Year´s eve is the night of celebrating the old and new yearFamily makes parties MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY This day remembers a man who worked for equal rights among all racesIt is the third Monday of the month VALENTINE´S DAY 14th FebruaryIt is a lover´s feastPeople give gifts or send greeting cards called Valentines to people they like PRESIDENT´S DAY The third Monday in FebruaryIt was originally held in honor of the birthday of the first president, George Washington, on February 22 MEMORIAL DAY Last Monday in MayUnofficial start to summerIt is held to remember the soldiers who were killed in wars INDEPENDENCE DAY 4th JulyIndependent US nation – free from British rule LABOR DAY First Monday in SeptemberIt celebrates working peopleThe end of summer – new school year for students COLUMBUS DAY Second Monday in OctoberChristopher Columbus´s land in the New World in 1492 HALLOWEEN 31st OctoberPeople cut horrible faces in pumpkins and put a candle insideChildren dress up as ghosts and monsters and go around people´s houses asking Trick or treat?A treat means that they get candies, fruit – if not they play treat on the people – a favorite trick is to put soap on the windows or to make a lot of noise at the door VETERAN´S DAY Second Monday in NovemberIt was originally established to honor people who served in World War I. THANKSGIVING Fourth Thursday of NovemberFamily and friends get togetherUnofficial start to the Christmas shopping season

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