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Czech Republic

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16MO – The Czech republic Geographical and historical factsPolitical systemPlaces of interest (cities, sport, culture)PragueThe imporatnce of Czech membership in the international institutions and organizations Osnova: Geography (landscape, people and language, national symbols)HistoryPolitical system (economy)Places of interest (most beautiful cities and places, sport and culture events, famous people)Prague (basic informations)Our membership in organizations 1.GEOGRAPHY: Landscape Situated in central Europe, inland country Borders with Poland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia formed by mountain ranges Highest peak is Sněžka (1603 m) in the Krkonoše mountains Mountains: Krušné, Jizerské, Orlické mountains, Beskydy, Jeseníky Rivers: longest is Vltava (with many dams as Lipno and Orlík), then Elbe, Morava, Oder flows into the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Black Sea Country is divided into 3 parts Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia 13 regions and capital city Prague Climate: humid continental, cold winters and warm summers, heaviest rainfall during the summer monthsPeople 10,5 million inhabitants The official language is Czech Different national minorities – Slovaks, Poles, Germans or Ukrainians Currency is Czech crownNational symbols Flag: blue triangle on the left, white on the top and red is on the bottom Anthem: Kde domov můj (Tyl, Škroup) The Large state emblem:consists of a shield divided into 4 squares. The top left and bottom right squares are red, with a 2 tailed, white, crowned lion. The top right square is blue and contains a red-and-white checkered, crowned eagle. This is the Moravian eagle. The bottom left square is gold and contains a black, crowned eagle, which symbolizes the Silezian region of the country. The small state emblem: consists of a red shield which contains a sliver split-tailed lion rampant with a golden crown and golden claws. The banner of the president of the Czech republic 2.HISTORY: 9th century Great Moravia was created We were unified by the dynasty of Přemyslid (10th century duke Václav the patron saint)14th century Luxembourg dynasty King Charles IV. – the kingdom was expanded (holy roman empire), blossom of the country (first university, Charles bridge, Karlštejn castle, …)15th century Hussite wars After death of church reformer Jan Hus16th century Start of Habsburg reign17th century Thirty years war 1620 Battle of the white mountain – then strong germanisation stopped by the Czech national revival in 18th and 19 century20th and 21st centuries WWI – after that Czechoslovakia established in 1918, first president T.G.M. WWII and Nazi occupation of our country (Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia) 1948 communistic putsch 1968 Prague spring, occupation armies of Warsaw pact 1989 Velvet revolution ended communism and occupation 1993 state was split into independent Slovakia and Czech Republic, first president was Václav Havel 3.POLITICAL SYSTEM: Parliamentary democracy Head of state is president Miloš Zeman (voted every 5 years by the people older than 18) The parliament consist of two chambers: the house of deputies (200 members), the senate (81 members) The head of government is prime minister Andrej Babiš Highest court is the supreme court in Brno Economy Raw materials – Kladno, Ostrava Dependent on imported gas and oil Good conditions for agriculture Imported products – industrial machinery, vehicles The main imports partners are China, Germany, Poland, Slovakia Exported products – motor vehicles, electrical machinery Export partners are Germany, Slovakia, Poland, UK, France 4.PLACES OF INTEREST: Most beautiful cities and places 12 places are on the UNESCO list (Litomyšl castle, Historical centre of Telč and Český Krumlov, Kutná hora – Church of st. Barbara, Vila Tugendhat in Brno, Prague) 4 National Parks (NP Šumava, Podyjí NP, NP Krkonoše, Czech Switzerland) Moravian Karst – stalactite caves, the greatest abyss Macocha (138 m deep)Sport and culture events Sport events: Jizera 50 (cross country skiing race), Prague international Marathon and Half-marathon, Czech rep. speedway grand prix, Zlatá tretra, Velká Pardubická (Grand Pardubice steeplechase) Cultural events: Pražské jaro, Smetanova Litomyšl (international music festival), Karlovy Vary international film festival, Colours of Ostrava, many exhibitons, Grand festival smíchu in Pardubice (theater festival) Famous people: SPORT - J. Jágr (hockey player), Petr Čech (goalkeeper), Emil Zátopek (long distances runner), Roman Šebrle (decathlet), Jan Železný (jawelin thrower), Věra Čáslavská (gymnast), POLITIC: Václav Havel, ART: J. Seifert (Nobel Prize holder), M. Forman, K. Čaper, SCIENCE: J. Heyrovský (Nobel price holder), MUSIC: Dvořák, Smetana – composers, Gott 5.PRAGUE: Capital city1,2 million inhabitants14th largest city in EuropeCultural, historical and governmental heart of the rep.Seat of the president, parliament, government5 parts – The Lesser town (oldest), New Town (founded by Charles IV.), Josefov, Hradčany, VyšehradCharles University, Charles Bridge, Wenceslas square (Statue of st. Wenceslas), National museum and theatre, Old town square (the Astronomical clock), Prague castle, St. Vitus cathedral 6.OUR MEMBERSHIP IN ORGANISATIONS: OECD membership – since 1995, Organisation for economic developmentNATO membership – since 1999, North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationEU membership – since 2004, European UnionShengen Agreement – since 2007 are we in Shengen area

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