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13. Maturitni otazka_Job interview

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Job interview Getting a good job has always been a dream of many people. However, the reality is quite different. It is very hard to get a good job. We have to look for it at many places. Most people would first go to the job centre, but these centres are not very successful in finding jobs. The main reason is probably, that many people think that it is the job of the job centre to find them work. Wrong! The first thing you have to do is to know what you want to do. What kind of job would you be good at? What are your skills? Expectations? What would you be willing to sacrifice? What, on the other hand, wouldn't you be too happy to do? Secondly, you have to be active in your effort. Go through job vacancies in newspapers, magazines, or the Internet. You can also try several personal agencies. After you send a company your CV, or résumé, including a covering letter, you may be asked to come for an interview. This interview is very important as this is the first personal contact with you and you should get ready for it. Studying the company is a must. During the interview you may be asked about it and if you do not even know the name of the company, there is no chance you would be selected from among other candidates. Also think about some questions to ask your interviewers. Don't hesitate to prepare a question about your salary, bonuses and perks. But be ready to offer something for it. Also be ready for some unexpected, seemingly ridiculous questions. HR people ask such questions to see your ability to react in unexpected situations. Answers, such as "I am not sure, but I could certainly look it up for you" is not a failure. For the interview, sleep well. Put on smart clothes, according to the type of position you are applying for. If you want to work in a warehouse, you don't need to wear a suit. Men should have a smooth shave, women choose decent make-up. Take your CV and references, if you haven't done so in your cover letter. You must arrive on time, if you are late, it will probably mean a good-bye even before you start speaking. While you speak, don't be nervous, fast or slow. Do not use too much gestures, act naturally. Do not start shaking hands, that is your interviewer who should do it first. Do not sit down, wait until the interviewer asks you to. The Last holidays I worked as a shop assistant in Interspar and in the garden near Čunín with my friends. Sometimes after school or on weekends I working in the pub. My dream job is manager.

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