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17. Maturitni otazka_Advertising

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Advertising Advertising is a gradual pressure on customers' awareness and knowledge in order to change their preferences and persuade them to purchase the advertised products or services. It is also done to introduce a new product or a service, or simply to increase the company's sales and profits. Advertising is usually donethrough various types of media, for example television, newspapers, and radio, but there are other ways where to place adverts, such as billboards, buses, cars, clothes, leaflets, free samples and others. The advantage of mass media is addressing a wide range of potential customers, the disadvantage, however, is the high price. An interesting alternative to the traditional types of advertising media is the Internet which offers a lot of different advertising methods and types. You can see adson websitesin form of banners, links or pop-up windows. You can send advertising messages through email or news groups. Social networks are particularly good because the adverts may be aimed at particular groups according to their age, sex and interests. Search engines are also powerful channels, because they can direct browsing potential customers to desired websites. Some types of advertising areon the edge of taste and law. The already mentioned advertising through email is restricted by law. It is not legal to spread advertising messages unless the addressee agrees. A lot of unwanted and illegal email messages, called spam, flood thousands of email boxes every day. The content and the type of advertisements is another problem. Some adverts should (or already are) be banned because they exploit children and teenagers. That is the reason why public places for children should be advert-free. Advertising also usespsychological pressureappealing to feelings for example, which may be harmful to some groups of customers. There have also been talks about adverts on tobacco and alcoholic products. Some critics claim that these adverts create early users of these products which are evidently harmful to human health. Some food adverts have also been banned, especially in the USA, because they made children an easy target in the spread of childhood obesity. If we put the factors attacking human health aside, we can argue that advertising has other bothering features. A lot of advertising in TV programmes spoils the joy of watching thiskind of entertainment, the mentioned spam takes hours a year spent just by deleting them, and a lot of advertising leaflets in your mailbox may become a nightmare if you want to find important letters among them. Billboards, for example, can spoil the view of the country, or even cause car accidents as the drivers watch them instead of what is going on on th e road. On the other hand, some adverts help people to be aware of important charities and other similar institutions. They also help children to be aware of harmful effects of some types of products, some types of adverts have powerful effects on the minds of vehicle drivers. Some adverts are also pieces of art interweaving witty humour and artistic creation. My personal attitude to adverts and Advertising I hate advertising, because for examle when i watch TV,advertising during movies are longer than the film. Internet is full of ads and sometimes it is very annoying.

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