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Everyday life

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Maturitní otázka z angličtiny vypracovaná s otázkami bez souvislých textů.
10. Everyday life Everyday life is diferent for every person in the world. Your everyday life depends on your work, school, family, friends etc. Everyone should eat, drink and bath everyday. Also you should have a free time for their friends, hobbies, friends, family and to relax. People can enjoy to do diferent thing in their everyday lifes. Most of people must go to work or to school on the weekdays. But when they have free time on the weekends they have fun. Some can enjoy going to a theatre or to a cinema to see a movie. Other like listen to music or buy clothing. Some people like to spend their day by playing computer games, reading a book or playing some sport. People like to do art, or play music instruments. I don’t think that my everyday life is interesting. On weekdays I wake up for school at 5 o’clock AM and I have a breakfast, usually scrambled eggs. Than prepare things for school. I go out at half-past seven AM and I go to school. I enjoy being at school, I like subjects like drawing, font and computer design but I am at school for a long time, usually from 8 AM to 4 PM. I do not have any free time because of that. When I get home I study for few hours and then I watch my favourite TV show after that I wash myself and I go to sleep. It is not very exciting. When I do have free time, usually on weekends. I do my hobbies. This is when it gets exciting. I enjoy swimming in a swimming pool in our town. I also enjoy cycling, when its good weather. I think spending time with my family, friends an other loved ones is important. I am happy to spend time with my family, because I do not see them during the week.

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