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Article Leisure-time activity you really enjoy As an average boy living in the 21st century, I have been surrounded by new technology since childhood. I was always watching my brother play shooting games on a games console. On the contrary, I wasn’t interested in shooting games at all, however, I used to play an adventurous single-player game called Spyro. My family fell in love with this game and they still do. I could call the game a family treasure. After several years of playing Spyro, I moved on to other computer games. They opened a new a page of my life. My passion as the time went got so much deeper. In the beginning, I used to play simple multiplayer-games with my brother. The games weren’t so graphically demanding because it was still the beginning of the 21st century and technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today. Video-games didn‘t have much of a storyline back in the day, it was all about doing the same tasks and levelling up. Although, the games have grown up and people became really obsessed with playing computer games. So did I. Nowadays, the developers of the game created a storyline of the games (some of them copied a plot according to story in the past) and the graphics of the games are tremendous. I love playing games which have a fairy-tale storyline or generally fantasy. I don’t mind playing games where your task is really simple and that’s to conquer a major object. If you love fighting with enemies, conquering objects or merely playing with friends, I recommend you playing computer-games. Not only having fun, but they dismantle stress and depression as well, for instance. Because of loud music, some complain about making too much noise in our town. Firstly, the club which revives this town by turning the music on. Secondly, there is a dropped litter on the streets. And the third problem contains a lack of facilities. As a citizen, I could pass a law against making a noise in night hours or encouraging people to do not go there. Although, the encouragement is pointless. To make the streets cleaner, I would force people who broke the law to participate in community service or I would provide more rubbish bins in the town. Moreover, I would also make it illegal to drop litter in the streets. To improve the town, I would suggest building new shops and public institutions. In conclusion, this would make a big change in my town. But if I could only do one thing, I would pass a law against a dropping litter because it is important to keep the town clean. Online Shopping Online shopping has become a regular form of commerce almost all around the world already. Among the favourite e-shops belong E-Bay, AliExpress or Amazon. There are a lot of pros and cons of the purchasing goods on the Internet. In the first place, I am going to start with the advantages. Customers appreciate the possibility to be in comfort at home and handle all the matters through the Internet on their own computer. Consequently, it saves time thanks to the simple and smart searching and furthermore, people are surrounded by the wide variety of products and can compare a plenty of the (recommended) brands. It also offers a lot of alluring discounts. On the contrary, if you wish to avoid the shipping or customs, it is inevitable to accept the delay in delivery (1-4 weeks). The customers cannot try out the items, merely see the measures in the details but it is not sometimes mentioned the measures are suitable for Asian or American sizes and these two are different, obviously. Frauds have been revealed as well. You expose yourself to danger and might be robbed. To sum up, purchasing online is a risky step, but if you keep up going and recognizing well-evaluated sellers, you do not have to feel frightened. However, some prefer to touch the product and rather to buy in the standard shops.

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