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Applying for a Job

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Maturitní otázka z angličtiny vypracovaná s otázkami bez souvislých textů.
13. Applying for a Job 1) Why do people have jobs? Most people do their job to earn a living. But to have a job also satisfied one’s need to be useful and to use his talent. People have jobs for a money. 2) How can we divide jobs? We can divide for manual and intellectual jobs. 3) What is typical for manual and for intellectual jobs? Manual jobs: Intellectual jobs: -do manual work -people pass the school leaving examination -shorter education -or even study some kind of university -in apprentice centres for three years -they have graduation -cook, mechanics, plumbers.. -or higher education -doctors, engineers, professors. For secretary, electricians and more you need study four years and have school examination. You don’t need any education for digger (kopáč) or housekeeper. Several jobs Economic: accountants, bankers, economists, various managers Humanities: historians, judges, lawyers, language teachers or theoreticians, philosophers Technical: architects, machine egineers, electrical engineers, IT professionals Natural science: medicine doctors and nurses, veterinarians, biologists Art: painters, sculptors, actors, writers, musicians 4) Which are the best paid jobs? The best paid jobs are doctors, engineers, IT proffesionals, actors.. 5) What does it usually look like when you look for a job? When we are looking for some job, we usually searches advertisements in newspapers or online. When you find an interesting offer, you have to write sown a motivation letter including job application and CV. The CV describes your education, qualifications and work experience. The future employed chooses his employee based on the CV. (zaměstnavatel volí podle CV) If the chooses you, he invites you for an interview. He wants to meet you personally and discuss your plans and demands with you. If his requirements and your demands fot together, you will probably get the job. Then you will sign the work contract which will include all important work conditions such as salary, work hours and holidays.

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