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Advertising, marketing, prague

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Advertising Advertising is a form of communication. The way how to persuade a potential customer to purchase a product or a service. Sales promotion – the motivations to buy. For example: rebate, freebie, prizes, product samples, competition reward,... Advertising strategy – branding, repetition, emotions, reasoning Branding – companies create brands that represent aspirations and a desirable image Repetition – there is repeated a slogan, customer easily remember a product or a service emotions–a potential customer is caught by an advertising through emotions. It especially effect on women Reasoning – customer is caught through logical arguments. It especially effect on men Advertising sources: Advantages of TV:TV speaks to most of potentional customers Disadvantages of TV: TV is the most expensive Advantages of press: it is cheaper than TV Disadvantages of press: remembering isn’t so easy intense as a TV advertising Advertising aims: inform, persuade, remind Inform: it is especially important in the first period of life cycle of product. Product is launched on the market → the advertising says the product is here and you can buy it. Persuade: it is especially important in the second period of life cycle of product. The advertising tries to get potentional customer who are more influenced by the advertising Remind – it can be important at the third and fourth period of life cycle of product. We remind our current customers that the product is still here and also we can speak to new customer. Marketing Marketing is the way how goods, services satisfy customer. Aim of marketing – to find the customer and satisfy him better than competitors. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer. Marketing tools: The 4P’s – the right product, place, price and promotions. Distribution channels is moving of a good and services from the producer to the customer. direct – from producer to people producer – retail – consumer mediator searches consumers Prague Pragueis the capital, largest, oldest and the most important city of the Czech Republic. is the 14 largest city in Europe. is in the middle of the Czech Republic. population is about one million people. it is the seat of president, parliament, the government. it is social, cultural, educational, business, financial and sport centre. Transport: Prague has one of best public transportation systems in Europe. There are underground, tram, taxi, buses,... the lines of underground are Line A (green), line B (yellow), and line C (red) there is Václav Havel Airport – the biggest airport in the Czech Republic. Parts: the oldest parts of the town are the Lesser Town. It was founded in 1257. the New Town was founded by Charles IV in 1348. Josefov named after emperor Josef II Place of interest: Prague has many historical sights. The most famous is the Prague castle and Charles Bridge. There are St. Vitus Cathedral in the Prague Castle complex. There are National Museum in Wenceslas Square very important is ZOO in Troja. for concerts, sport and other festival there is a O2 arena. There are lot of theatre for example: National Theatre, Vinohrady, Estates, Laterna Magika,...

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