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Commonwealth The Commonwealth is a name for countries which were part of the British Empire before they became independent. Now there are 53 countries of the Commonwealth of Nations. Important countries are: Canada, Australia, New Zeeland, India. Official head is a Queen Elisabeth II The total population of all the 53 countries is about 2 billion. Australia is a insular continent. is the smallest continent and the sixth largest country in the world. is washed by Pacific and Indian Ocean. is made up of 6 states and 2 territories. was discovered in the 1770 by the James Cook. Political system: the official name is the Commonwealth of Australia. the head is a Queen Elisabeth II represented by the Governor General It has a democratic federal system of administration. People: the first original inhabitants of Australia were Aborigines. now there are Europeans arrivals. Population is about 18 million. Australia as large at she USA. City the capital city is Canberra. other important cities are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth. Climate: it is a very dry with little rain. Geography the highest mountains is Mount Kasciusco (2230) Mountain ranges are Australian Alps, Ayers Rock (Uluru) The longest river is the Murray. There are three big lakes: Lake Eyre, Lake Torrens, Lake Gairdner. Fauna – the animals are kangaroo, dingo, koala bear, platypus, Emu, Tasmania devil. Flora – the typical trees are eucalyptus trees and thornbushes Important is the Great Barrier Reef. Famous is Sydney Opera house. Canada is the second largest country in the world. it is located in North America. Is borders on the USA an Alaska. Is made up of 10 provinces and 2 territories. Political system: it is constitutional monarchy. the head is a Queen Elisabeth II represented by the Governor General The real power is in hands of Prime Minister, Government, Parliament and state institutions. People: Population is about 35 million people. the most Canadians are of British, French origin and other European countries. There are Canadians, Indians and Eskimos. Language Canada is bilingual country. Main languages are English and French. Capital city: Capital city is Ottawa is located in the province Ontario. Other cities are – Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec. Climate is mostly continental with warm summers and cold winters. Geography: Mountains – the Rocky Mountains, Coast Mountains the highest point is Mount Logan (6050m) Lakes – Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Eire, Lake Ontario, Great Bear Lake Rivers – the longest is the Mackenzie River, other are: Yukon, River of St. Lawrence Fauna: there are deers, mooses, veindeers, bears and grizzly, foxes, bearers, seals, whales Flora: there are pines, spruces, firs, maples, oaks, beeches. National parks: The most know is Jasper National Park important sights is Niagara Falls most popular sport is ice hockey

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