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Services, Shopping and Lifestyle

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Maturitní otázka z angličtiny vypracovaná s otázkami bez souvislých textů.
19. Services,Shopping and Lifestyle 1) Do you like shopping? Yes, I like shopping. My favorite shopping is fashion, electronic.. 2) What does shopping mean for people? Shopping is an important thing for people. We need some food, or clothes for our live. But for many people it's like a hobby. They spend a lot of time in the shopping centres looking around, searching for the best price. But sometimes they spending money for unnecessary things. Now is shopping more popular in our country than in communism systém. 3) Describe one of the large shopping centres. In the Prague is the biggest shopping centrum names Chodov shopping centrum. There is a lot of shops, restaurants, fast foods, baker's, cafe shops, one big cinema, fitcentrum, petcentrum, supermarket, shop with clothes, banks, shop with shoes, jewelery, cosmetics and other... Now it's after reconstruction and there are more shops than before. Inside is nice modern design and every day there is a lot of people. 4) Where to buy electronics? We can buy electronic in specialized shops. There they have a lot of phones, computers, prints, flash disks.. 5) Where do we do the everyday grocery shopping? For every day grocery shopping we usually go to the nearest shop. It may be a local supermarket, self service shop or only small groceries. At bakery you can buy bread, rolls, cookies and cakes. At the butcher’s you can buy meat products. If you want to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, you often go to a greengrocer’s or a marketplace. Children like sweets, you can buy it them in a candy shop. 6) Name some kinds of food shops. Bakery, butcher’s, greengrocer‘s, candy shop, fishmonger's.. 7) Why do people do the shopping at a marketplace? People sometimes go to marketplace, because there are more cheaper things. They can found some special things, fresh fruit or things by aboard. Some things are older from other hand and cheaper. 8) Do you prefer shopping malls or small shops? I prefer small shops, because i hate people in shopping malls. 9) What would you buy if you had your last 100 crowns? I would buy some food or water. Because it is the most important for our life. 10) What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought? The most expensive thing I had ever bought is my mobile phone or T-Shirt by my favorite singer. 11) What are the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online? Some people, who don't have a time for shopping, choose products on the internet. Advantaged: -we can sit at home -buy something, what isn't at the shop. -sales, cheaper Disadvantages: -you can't try size -you have to wait a long time -pay for transport 12) Would you buy clothes in a second hand shop? I like buy clothes in a second hand shops. There it is more cheaper. Sometimes I founded really good clothes. It has to be good second hand. 13) How is it possible to do the shopping and save money? We can buy cheaper food, don’t buy clothes for fashion every day, be carefully to clothes or shoes. Don’t buy a alcohol and cigaret's everyday. 14) Explain various possibilities how to pay for goods. We can pay for cash or by card. (Credit and debit card.) On the internet with internet payment. 15) How does the internet shopping work? We choose thing, give to the shopping cart, pay and wait for the box with thing some days.

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