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25. Contemporary anglo-american literature

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25) Contemporary Anglo-American Literature State: Ian McEwan: Atonement - at the beginning you should always give literary/historical/social context: Ian Mc Ewan: Atonement - writing 1970s, still producing new novels - one of the most read, prolific writers, many of his books were adapted into films – The Cement Garden, On Chesil Beach, Atonement, The Child in the time - writes aboutrelationships, family/intimate relationships – they don’t function well, dysfunctional - he tries to reflect the lifestyle, standards of living, social class - Cement Garden – living standards of family in suburbs, typical features - Beach – same thing, 1950s/60s couple marries – discover it will never work - Atonement – from 1935 to WWII., then around 1970s - nicknameIan Macabre – for graphic description of intimate relationships PLOT - Briony thought she sees something - 3 parts – story told by Briony´s perspective 1. B age of 13, 2. Adult 3. Old - she becomes a nurse because she feels guilty - shows how the war was - she wants to punish herself for what she has done – a penance - is it the war novel? War only from Robbie’s storyline and Briony’s I nthe hospital - war serves as amotif andsetting,war novel – theme -theme – Atonement – to atone – penance yourself to feel better, because you did something, mental thing, mental penance, more about the way you think of it - social classes – if Robbie would be from upper class it will be different, he is not trusted enough because he is peasent - confession – to confess – movie – in the book, she writes the book – explains everything,confesses through writing - we realize what really happen In the end – you believe that the story is how writer tells it – in the end we realize it is different - Robbie recruited to war – was in prison - why? Doesn’t want to be known as person who raped little girl, as a good British citizen he should go, he feels humiliated – there is nothing to lose -motifs – war - literature about literature – fiction about fiction - how readership is influenced by the book –plot twist at the very end - Briony – 13 – ambitious, well behaved, self-concerned, feels need to step into things - Paul Marshall – chocolate factory, rapist, chocktaile, name – Amo bars - symbolic name, ammunition (střelivo), amo – friends – friendship - Cecile – in the begging she does not know what she wants, doesn’t realize she is in love with Robbie – hate/love, becomes head nurse – to get out of the family/house, rid of family ties, penance for the family – inappropriate for girl of her status, maybe to see Robbie - library scene – another thing Briony sees and thing she understands but doesn´t - cunt word, c word, wrong letter - Lola and Paul - do you think she is the one to be blamed? She is a child, she doesn’t know, doesn’t understand - parents – she was raised in these rules, upbringing - she could ask her sister about the situation - but police multiple times asked her if she is sure that she saw him – she lied, serious situation

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