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Health, medicine

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consist of many kinds of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. In a reasonable volumes, even alcohol drinks like wine and beer can have positive effects on our health, especially on our cardiovascular system. They can reduce the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Health Health & Medicine ...is a state of mind and body in which we feel good and our body works like it should. The conclusion is that if we don't follow the principles of healthy living or we inherit some health risks from our ancestors, we can get various diseases. On the other hand, we have many options to reduce these risks. W hen w e feel pain or have other symptoms, w e go to a doctor. We should be able to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy food and drinks, because what we eat and drink can hugely affect our health. There is a big difference between the quality of medical services in wealthy developed countries and the poorest states in the world. are often used as an education method for students, but for older people, they also may have a hidden medical benefits. - feel good - build an immunity - prevent diseases - live longer Some diseases can be relatively common and we can quickly get rid of them. With some of the most common illnesses like a headache, the flu or a cold, we don't even need a physician's help. But there could be more serious symptoms that need to be cured by drugs which must be prescribed by a doctor. - do some sport W e can do a lot to protect our health. For example... FOOD & DRINKS The best medical services are provided by developed countries like France, Italy, the USA, Israel, Canada and Germany. SPORTS & OTHER PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES In cases of sudden and serious symptoms of diseases like a heart attack, stroke or when some serious injury occurs, we have to immediately call an... AMBULANCE MENTAL EXERCISES There are many types of doctors from which we choose to visit according to what kind of problem we have. If the problem doesn't appear to be too serious, we first visit a local... ...general practitioner. If the problem is more serious and complicated, we are usually sent to a... ...specialist. There are many types of specialists. For example... ...a dermatologist who is a specialist with skin, nail and hair problems. Dermatologists don't only treat less serious problems, they can also diagnose very serious diseases like skin cancer. One of the new est disciplines in medicine is... a ophthalmologist When there is a health issue with a child, we visit... ...a paediatrician who specializes in children problems. - avoid bad habits like smoking a dentist - avoid risky situations - explore the disease history of our family ...can make us much happier and have a positive effect on our health. By doing sports we prevent diseases like heart attacks or strokes. We can also reduce our weight. Running or jogging It usually takes only a few minutes until the ambulance arrives as in these cases, every second is important. An ambulance can go on a red light at junctions and make a very loud noise to let other drivers know they should make space on the road for it. is a specialist with teeth and everything else about mouth hygiene. Everyone should visit their dentist at least twice a year to prevent very painful tooth problems. a cardiologist is a physician focused on heart diseases and everything about them. He is trained in diagnosing, treating and also preventing diseases, defects and failures of the heart. ...an orthopedist Bone breaks and fractures are usually treated by wearing a plaster/cast. More complicated injuries like multiple fractures or some bone abnormalities are corrected with surgery. When we break something (a leg or arm for example), we are treated by... Most of the specialists have their office in a hospital or in smaller facilities like clinics or health centres. is very popular these days across the whole population. It's one of the simplest sports ever. We need just a pair of shoes and a place to run, ideally a park or a forest. It's one of the most natural ways to reduce weight and increase physical power and endurance. biggest health issue today exercise Unlike running, doing in a gym or fitness centre is much more expensive. It's still very popular today, because it's one of the most efficient ways to reduce weight or even build a nice figure full of muscles. Some people also prefer running on a treadmill instead of jogging outside in the nature. In the Czech Republic we can choose from many different health insuranc e companies. The state pays the fees for children and students up to 26 yea rs old, pensioners, women during maternity leave and invalid people, so if they d on't make a particularly large amount of money, they don't have to pay for th eir insurance at all. Everyone else has to pay the insurance fees - the amoun t of the fee depends on the size of the income. It's necessary to have it especially in countries where healthcare is not free... - eat and drink healthy items Unhealthy foods include meals with high volumes of fat, salt, sugar and foods with artificial ingredients and additives. Unhealthy drinks This means that we should not eat too many fast food meals like hamburgers, french fries, sausages and fried chicken. Generally, all fried, fatty and salty meals are unhealthy, as well as sweets and desserts with too much sugar. are primarily alcoholic beverages, especially those with a high volume of alcohol. Other unhealthy drinks are sweet lemonades with lots of sugar and other sweeteners (and almost none of the fruit part in it). One of the largest and favourite groups of alcoholic drinks are spirits - beverages with 40 and more percent of alcohol. The most common beverages in this group are vodka, whisky and fruit brandy. Large amounts of these drinks can seriously harm us. Eating these kinds of foods can cause obesity, and then lead to many serious diseases like diabetes and heart attacks. People who eat these kinds of foods on a daily basis are

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