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American Literature

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A m e r i c a n l i t e r a t u r e 19th century literature (1800 – 1900) in the 1830´s and 1840´s writers began to look at the western frontiers for ideas about American life. HERMAN MELLVILE had a tragic view of life. In most of his work is a struggle between good and evile His life and writings were influenced by his youth experiences as a sailor Moby Dick – it´s his greatest work. It´s about voyage and hunt after great while whale, Moby Dick. Moby Dick in this work represents God or fate. Captain Ahab has a light and dark side that fights againts each other. In the end the dark side wins. Moby Dick is killed and Ahab´s ship, including himself, is destroyed. MARK TWAIN one of the most popular authors he wrote for both children and adults among his best known book belongs : The Adventures of Hucklebery Finn The Adventures of Tom Sawyer EDGAR ALLAN POE his most famous poemis: The Raven 20th century literature F. SCOTT FITZGERALD wrote stories about „Lost generation“ young people who had lost their American ideals, faith in God and faith in Man The Great Gatsboy – the hero believes that he can buy happiness for money ERNEST HEMINGWAY JOHN STEINBACK The Grapes of Wrath (Hrozny hněvu) others works of Steinack include: East of Eden - amodern parallet of the Bible story about Cain and Abel, and Travels with Charley he describes here the experiences while travelling through small – town America with his dog Poetry and Drama EZRA POUND T. S. ELIOT

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