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aturitní otázka č. 12 HOLIDAYS IN UK AND USA UK 14 FEBRUARY – ST. VALENTINE´S DAY It´s lovers´day. Young people send Valentine cards, sometimes anonymously, and exchange gifts. The card have funny, loving contents. 1 APRIL - ALL FOOLS´S DAY It´s named after the custom of playing practical jokes and tricks on people. MARCH – APRIL – EASTER Spring feast of the Christian Church. Good Friday commemorates Jesus crucifixion while Easter Sunday commemorates the Ressurection of Jesus. Originally it was a festival celebrating the spring Chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs are given to children as presents or are hidden for the Easter morning "egg hunt." 1 MAY - MAY DAY Political parties of the left hold processions and public meetings. MARCH 17 – ST. PATRICK´S DAY It´s a public holiday in Ireland because St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. It´s celebrated by the Irish all over the world. People often wear green shamrocks on this day. MARCH – APRIL – EASTER Easter is a religious festival but many people welcome it as the beginning of spring. Eggs and rabbits (signs of fertility and new life) are traditional symbols of Easter in the British Isles. Chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs are given to children as presents or are hidden for the Easter morning "egg hunt." Aside from eggs, the best-known English Easter food is probably thehot cross bun. Easter Sunday in the British Isles is traditionally marked by church services. Afterwards Easter eggs are exchanged and eaten. Easter parades were once an important tradition, during which people would wear their new clothes - the ladies in particular would show off their new "Easter bonnets" - as another sign of spring's renewal. Pussy willows are also a traditional Easter symbol in England, representing the end of winter and the season of new growth. 2ND SUNDAY IN MAY – MOTHER´S DAY It honours all mothers. We give them some gifts or flowers. 3RD SUNDAY IN JUNE – FATHER´S DAY It honours all fathers. 31 OCTOBER – HALLOWEEN People give parties on Halloween. 24 DECEMBER – CHRISTMAS EVE A lot of people spend the day shopping. Children await the arrival of Father Christmas or Santa Claus and his reindeer stopping outside their chimney. They hang up their stockings at the end of beds and wait for their presents. Larger gifts are found under the Christmas tree. 25 DECEMBER – CHRISTMAS DAY In the morrning children unwrap the presents. At noon they have their traditional Christmas dinner – roast turkey with stuffing, roast potatoes and Christmas pudding. 26 DECEMBER – BOXING DAY Lots of people go to the parties. 31 DECEMBER – NEW YEAR´S EVE USA 3RD MONDAY IN JANUARY - MARTIN LUTHER KING´S DAY M.L. King was a black leader who demanded racial equality. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He was assassinated in 1968. ST. VALENTINE´S DAY –same as in the UK 3RD MONDAY IN FEBRUARY – THE PRESIDENTS´ DAY All presidents of the USA are honoured. EASTER –same is in the UK MOTHER´S DAY –same as in the UK 4TH MONDAY IN MAY – MEMORIAL DAY It honours Americans killed in all the past wars and most recently all the dead. 4 JULY – INDEPENDENCE DAY It commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and the establishing of the USA. There are ceremonies, parades, band concerts and fireworks. 1ST MONDAY IN SEPTEMBER - LABOR DAY It honours all the working people and marks the end of the summer season. HALLOWEEN –same as in the UK 11 NOVEMBER - VETERANS´ DAY It honours the veterans of all wars 4TH THURSDAY IN NOVEMBER – THANKSGIVING National holiday in the USA and Canada, firtst celebrated in 1621 by the Pilgrim settlers of Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts, on their first harvest. Now i tis an occasion for the whole family to be together. It is celebrated by a traditional diner whose main course is roast turkey.cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. CHRISTMAS In the USA Chrismas is not a family holiday, families invite friends to join them a Christmas diner and often give parties at Christmas time. On Boxing Day most shops are open although people have a day off. Americans also decorate their houses, they have some lights, trees and snowman in their gardens.

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