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Arranging business travel

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Arranging business travel (Why business people need to travel, how business travel is changing, social media, planning a business trip) As for many reasons there are three things which are really important when deciding whether to travel on business or not. First, and by the far most important is meeting your potential customers, existing ones and current ones. There is no other way how to get to know them closely and built the right sort of relationships, get them like working with you and trust you and especially persuade them to buy more of your product unless you meet them face to face and talk to them. In my opinion talking by the phone or video conferencing isn’t usually so effective. Secondly, you have to explore new markets and see what possibilities exist in different places all around the world. All human being is such different and most of them are not like-minded, particularly in different part of the world. The internet is good for some basic research, but if you want your business expand and grow, you have to go out there and see the potential markets by yourself. Finally and also absolutely essential in today’s global workplace where your team may be spread over several different countries, staff have to meet each other and learn from each other and hand over their experience, knowledge and advices. This built team spirit. If you want to have successful business I think that money on business trips are always well-spend. Hotels are upgrading their technology strategy for attracting their customers. Advertising and offering discounted rates are no longer enough as customers turn increasingly to social media and mobile technology. In 21th century there are countless hotels, restaurants, clubs and place where people can go. That’s why for example developer has developed an app called TripAdvisor for people to easily find information when they travel. People these days are aware of their options and budget limits mean that travellers are looking for cheaper accommodations. With access to competing online deals, guests care less about brand loyalty and more about value of money. Hotels and other places have to make more effort to meet their guests’ demand and create good atmosphere and experiences which will retain interest and bring repeat visits. On the social media such as Instagram, FaceBook or Twitter people can find a lot of guests’ comments, review from another people or friends which usually influent our opinion when we decide to choose the right place. When planning a business trip there are a few important attributes which should be taken into consideration. First is place, it really depends on which country you are travelling, because all countries has different habits, customs or working hours. You should get to know the country before you visit it. Next is for example accommodation, you should be aware of your budget limits and find acceptable hotel for the money you are going to spend. You shouldn’t spend all of your money only for a good five-star hotel if four-star hotel is enough for you. Because you travel because of your work and not to feel like a queen in your hotel rooms. You should also think about transport nearby your hotel or place where you stay, if it’s good for your way to the company or meeting. Very important are also dates, you should plan your trip when you can leave your work for a few days or for a week. Another aspect is for example who you come with. If you decide to take a colleague with you, who has experience with business trips or he can speak fluent languages. AN finally you can’t forget about your technology for example computer or projector, you should call to the company where you are going and arrange all of this things.

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