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13.Social Problems in the Czech Republic Unemployment Homeless people Drugs Others I hope that in the Czech Republic, there isn’t a huge important social problem. Of course there is, but I mean, that if you look closely to another country (America-drugs, Africa-poverty), it isn’t here such big. But of course, that there are some: I believe that one of the most common problems isunemployment. As I said before, it isn’t big issue as in Spain for example, but there is. People may lose their jobs easily. Sometimes they are made spare (zbytečný), sometimes the company goes broke. If you are sacked, you have to register at Employment Office, which may offer you a new job. Sometimes you have to get a new qualification. The Employment Office offers specialized courses for people who would like to find a new job. For several months you get your unemployment grant. Unemployed people are in a bad position: materially and mentally. As long as they don’t get a job, it’s for them socially difficult. Worse variant of impact of unemployment is becomehomeless. It can be caused by a variety of problems the poorest cannot afford housing, mental illness, physical illness, alcoholism, drug, abuse, they are unwilling (neochotný) to work or some of them come back from prison and cannot re-enter the society. Homeless people sleep under bridges, in trams, at stations, in parks and there are sometimes violent crimes against the homeless. There are Homeless shelters (or refuges) where they can spend nights. Homeless people are more likely to suffer medical problems from their lifestyles in the streets (they have poor nutrition, they have to resist the bad weather conditions; they have not enough hygiene); sometimes they suffer from jaundice, tuberculosis. Even though, that usually homeless people cause the small and the illnesses I hope, that we shouldn’t ignore them. Of course there are some who doesn’t want to join the society and work, but there are some, who appeared on the street accidentally. One type of homeless people, are those one who takesdrugs. Drugs are expensive. The „junkies“get them from dealers. Junkies have to get money somehow, so they often steal – taking drugs leads to criminality. It is a big problem nowadays. Some people just want to try it; they wonder what drugs make with them, or they want to solve some problems. Some people even find it fashionable to sniff, smoke or jab (píchnout) something. Some drugs make people feel stronger; life seems to be no problem. But in fact, they are endangered by cancer, depression, anxiety or even death. If they jab, they are endangered by AIDS or jaundice. There are special centres for addicted people, called K-centrum. They provide health services (treatment, HIV tests), counselling services (social items and law), hygiene (shower, laundry). Workers in these centres can help the addicted people find appropriate medical institution. Speaking about drugs, I hope, that young people should be well informed about drugs. You can see it on TV or read it in magazines. There are some special films for schools.

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