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The United States of America

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The United States of America The United States of America is situated in North America. The USA borders on 2 states: Canada in the North and Mexico in the South. The USA is washed by Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. The USA is federal state with 50 states. There is one district – District of Columbia. Political system: The Federal Government is divided into three branches: Senate – the head of the Senate is Vice President. House of Representatives President – is a Donald Trump Geography: Mountain ranges – in the USA there are Cordilleras, the Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevada. Rivers – the biggest and longest river is Mississippi. Other rivers are Colorado, Rio Grande. Mountain – top is Mt. McKinley (6194km) Lakes – There are Big Canadian Lakes – Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario Climate – the USA lies in moderate climate zone. Population: the USA has population of about 320 million people The main language is American English. Other are Chinese and Spanish. Cities: The capital city is Washington D.C. The largest city is New York. Parts of New York are: Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Islands. Interesting places in New York: Times Square, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty San Francisco – is famous for Golden Gate Bridge. Los Angeles – is famous films centre. There is also the biggest ZOO in the world. Yellowstone is the oldest and largest national park in the USA. Grand Canyon – carved by Colorado River in Arizona. Niagara Falls – one of the major American tourist attractions. Major American Cities there are a lot of cities you can visit in the USA. New York The most famous is probably New York city which situated in the East of the USA, called Big Apple it has five parts: Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Islands. Other attraction is Liberty Island with the well-known Statue of Liberty. Important park is Central Park NY is famous for its skyscrapers – Chrysler Building, Empire State Building. Important street is Wall Street which the US financial world. Washington D.C. is a capital city. named after the first president of the USA – George Washington You can visit there the White House where the president lives and a Capitol Building. There are a lot of museum and sights you can visit, such as Washington Monument, M. L. King Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. On the West coast, in California, the most important cities areLAandSan Francisco. LAis well-known for movies and movies stars, because there is Hollywood. Visiting these places, the beaches and doing shopping are the reasons why the people love LA. San Francisco – is famous for the Golden Gate Bridge which is painted every year and when it is finished, the people can start painting it again. It is also famous for it is cable car. One of the liveliest cities is definitely Miami in Florida.

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