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22. LONDON Location,History,People,Places of interest,Other London is the capital city of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and, with a population of almost 13 millions; it’s one of Europe’s largest and most cosmopolitan cities. A mix of people from all over the world has made it their home. The city is 2,000 years old. In AD 43 the Romans chose to settle here and created the city of Londinium next to the River Thames. The River Thames was useful for merchant ships and trading, and today the river is still important for transport and tourism. The best way to get around the city is by public transport, either the underground train, known as ‘the tube’ (which was by the way build in 1863 and is the world’s first underground train system) or to take one of London’s iconic red double-decker buses. Anyway, in 2012 the summer Olympics took place there. As everybody knows, the city of London is an important business and finance centre. Thecurrent Prime Minister,David Cameron, leader of theConservative Party, was appointed bythe Queen on 11 May 2010. Another important person in London is the Mayor of London.ConservativeBoris Johnson has held the position since 4 May 2008. But of course, the most important and famous politician in London is a queen of England, Elisabeth II. She was crowned in 1953. Now let’s speak about some points of interest in London. One of the most famous palaces in the world,Buckingham Palace (or “Buck House” as Londoners sometimes call it) has been used as a royal residence since 1837. Another important place is the seat of parliament of the united Kingdom of Great Britain and Northen Ireland. The clock tower on the corner ofthe Houses of Parliament has become the very symbol of the city itself. We can find here a large bell, weighing 13 tons is widely known asBig Ben in honour of Sir Benjamin Hall, who was responsible for the work when the clock was installed. One of the most significant sight isTower Bridge. Two fixed sections unite the towers to the river bank and a hydraulic mechanism can raise and lower the bridge in less than two minutes to permit the passage of high ships. Let me not forget toSt. Paul’s Cathedral, which has dominated the City of London for almost 14 centuries. Together withNelson’s column,Trafalgar Square is generally felt to be the centre of London and as the busiest part of London, where is located The National Gallery. There are other museums with large collections that are free to the public, such as the British Museum or the Science Museum. Tourists also come to London to see Westminster Abbey, St, The London Eye (the tallest observation wheel in the world), Greenwich (with the Prime Meridian) and other attractions. They come to shop along Oxford Street as well. Finally, I´ve been in London once for one day with my class. Even though I was five years ago, it was really exciting for me and I will never forget this trip. It was unforgettable moment ofr me.

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