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3. The world of work - P

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3. World of work Choosing one’s careerMost children are influenced byThe first important step of man is in thefinal year of elementary school when many schoolmates face a problem – they have to decide for the best and to choose from various options ofsecondary schools – Grammar school, industrial, medical, economic school, apprentice centre, art schools… After a successful accomplishment (dokončenie) of the secondary school students decide whether they continue their education at the universityTeenagers between the age of sixteen and nineteen are usually expected to make their choice whether to continue their education or enter the world of work. Those who want to earn some money as soon as possible might face a lot of problems finding a suitable job because of lack of qualifications and experience. The job market has onlyodd jobsAll people should find a job after finishing their education. Nowadays it is a big problem. There are many unemployed people in our country that became unemployed or redundant and takeunemployment benefitAdvertisements in national and local newspapers are one of them. There are quite a lot of local or regional institutions such asjob centres or employment offices (úrad práce) that can be helpful mostly in organizingre-qualification training- After collecting and evaluating (vyhodnotení) information about a would-be job (possible, potential job = možná práca) one has to write anapplication.- Curriculum vitae should contain *personal details, *work experience, *educational background (doterajšie vzdelanie) * andfurther training (školenia) orother skills, e.g. language skills (jazykové schopnosti) orabilities- The interviewAn applicant can either gain or lose a lot. If the applicant is really serious in their effort to get a job they must be very careful not only about what they wear andwhat firstimpression they make alsowhat and how they communicateThose applicants who are lucky, or rather good enough and get the job become employees of a company, firm or other institution. Theemployee (zamestnanec) andemployer(zamestnávateľ) signa work contract (pracovná zmluva) that clearly states (jasne uvádza) the job description,dutiesandresponsibilities,working time,salaryandconditions of promotionsThe job may include severalfringe benefits (sociálne výhody), e.g. extra advantages such as a company car, luncheon vouchers (stravné lístky), etc. These are also calledperksAlthough the right to work is one of the basic rights of human beings, everybody must be prepared for the possibility of losing their job. Many companies downsize and reduce staff (znižujú stavy) and people are being made redundant (sú prepúšťaní). The government in countries with high unemployment rates should propose measures (navrhnúť opatrenia) that would improve employment policies, motivate people to work and not to stay out of work. JOB INTERVIEW:Labour time, free time, study:BRIGADES, PRAXIS:MOTIVATION:SALARY:JOB RULES:WORKOHOLICS:career, overworkedRETIREMENT: pension JOB OFFER, LABOUR MARKET:labour market is not so wide, many people apply for one position, to be successful – correct CV, enough experience, knowledge, good job interview. How to find job: look for on internet, labour agencies and offices, read articles and newspapers, go to ask directly to the business. UNEMPLOYMENT:unemployment benefits, high rate of unemployed in SVK, bad situation in country, new requirements – managers, IT specialists, foreign languages… people with age of 50 have problems to find a job, employers want employees round 30-40 years, unemployed members in family – lack of money, difficulties. Young people also problems – requirements people with experience. When people areunemployed theyget dole from state. When your income is lower than the minimum wage,the state will pay you family credit or income benefit. Also peopleget family allowances for children until age of 18 or until they finish their studyUnemploymentMany people leave their homeland to start to work abroad. Reasons why people want to work abroad can be various but the most frequent one is that they can earn much more money there than at home. Usually thegirls travel abroad totake care of children as au-pairs orlook after old people which is popular among Slovak girls. In the time of pregnancy and even after giving a birth to babies mothers needn’t to be afraid of getting fired from their occupation because of the laws which protect them against employers. These laws also modify the height of their monthly financial support during maternity leave (materská dovolenka). The time when people are old enough to work and after large number of worked-off years is called retirement. Old people – pensioners receive pension each month. Dangerous jobs...I think that among the dangerous jobs we can count for exampleminers. It is a dangerous job because miners can easily get injured or even killed in a mine. I think thatfiremen, policemen andrescue teams in the mountains have dangerous jobs too because they often have to risk their lives to save other people. Who is volunteer?A person that actively takes on a task, responsibility, or project on his or her own accord without needing to be assigned, ordered, or told to do so. Often a volunteeris not paid for the work that they provide. For the majority of people job means thesource of earning money, for the others it can be ahobbyThere are two main parts of jobs1. Physical2.Mental:From the point of sex there are typical jobs for men like truck driver, car mechanic, soldier, miner…and typical jobs for women like nurse, tailor, teacher – they have to be patient and reliable. Some women are in traditional jobs for men (police, army) and also men are in traditional women’s job (chef (kuchár), designer). Vocabulary: jobworkoccupationa professionworking hoursregular working hoursre-qualificationchangeinfluencea decisiongrow updreamrealizetalentedenoughbecomedemandingdifficulta wayto look forto look for a joba vacancya positions

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