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Society (společnost) What is society? A society is a group of people who are connected in some way Who helps you when you have a problem? Tell me something about it. Describe a typical Czech Christmas and some of the traditions. Czech Christmas are on 24th of December. People usually go out to buy a fish – usually a carp. Then, they give it into the bath. Then they usually decorate a Christmas tree with a lot of decorations. After this, they usually watch TV, or go out for a walk. And in the evening they make Christmas dinner. Typical Christmas dinner is fried carp or fried schnitzel with potato salad, or even fish soup and sousages. Czech republic has more traditions for example: people trust, that if they don’t eat all day, they see a golden pig, or they usually kiss under the mistletoe. How can the internet be dangerous/harmful (škodlivý) to teenagers? Internet can be very dangerous to teenagers. For example for young ladies. They usually posts their photos on internet and whoever can see them. They usually posts photos where they are half-naked and this is very dangerous, because a lot of perverts see it and they can that young lady find and hurt her or blackmailed her. How could you help someone close to you that has a problem with...? What are the different problems that adolescents face today? Here is a lot of problems. For example teenagers face with an anorexia or a bulimia. These problems are usual for young ladies. They want to be pretty and awesome and they want to look like models in magazines. Ladies, who has on anorexia usually stop eating and they start training. And girls, who has a bulimia usually eat a lot, but then they retch after it. How can drugs be a youth problem? Easily, because nowadays is very easy to get drugs. People usually use drugs on disco, because they want to have fun or they want to dance for a long time. And this drugs allows (umožňují). Young people also try to be cool and they want to be a part of bunch (parta), so they start taking drugs because of the influence of environs (vliv okolí)

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