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US National Parks

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US National Parks A National Park = reserve of natural/semi-natural land protected by law In the USA there are 58 national parks Yellowstone Theoldest National Park in the world,ID, WY, MTGeothermalfeatures:Old Faithful Geyser, his eruption occursevery 90 min, the height of it is45 metresHalf of the world’s geothermal features are in YellowstoneHas many ecosystems, dominant is thesubalpine forestSeverallakes, canyons, rivers andmountain rangesEndangered species of animals and plants:grizzly bears, wolves, bisons, elks Yosemite InCaliforniaPart of theUNESCOworld heritageSierra Nevada mountains are part of itElevation ranges from 700 – 4000 metres above sea level = great biological diversityYosemit valley = aglacialvalley, theTunnel view,El Capitan = a granite cliff, meadowsPopular for:granite cliffs, waterfalls, clear water streams, giant sequoia trees, black oak Death Valley Border betweenCalifornia and NevadaDeath valley –hottest and driest place in the USSpecies:bighorn sheep, coyote, popfishBefore it was a national park, it had beem apopular mining place for gold and mainly borax Great Smoky Mountains InTennessee and North CarolinaThemost visited national park in the USPart of the UNESCO world heritagePart of theAppalachian Mountains,95% of the park isforestedUsed to be the homeland of Cherokee Indians Grand Canyon InArizonaConsidered to beone of the 7 Natural WondersThe steep-sided canyon was carved by theColorado river350km long, up to2km deepHugetemperature differences = greatspecies diversity Everglades On the southern tip ofFlorida,largest subtropical wilderness in the US6000 km2ofshallow, slow moving water = great for thecrocodilesSpecies:Mangroves, orchids, crocodiles, panthers, manatees Bryce Canyon InUtahNot an actual canyonformed by a river, butby wind, water and ice erosionThered and orange colour of thestones is due to a high amount of iron in themNot so difficult to reach to the bottom of it – unlike the Grand Canyon Hot Springs InArkansasThesmallest national park in the USThe only national park in theurban area – is used as aspa to cure rheumatism Joshua tree InCaliforniaThe name comes from a tree native to that area: Joshua treeIncludestwo deserts anda mountainsPopular among rock climbers for itshills of bare rockFan palm, high density ofcactuses – they almost appear like gardens

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