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24. Housing and living

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24. HOUSING AND LIVING THE CZECH REPUBLIC in the Czech Republic people who livein towns usually live inblocks of flatspeople who livein suburbs livein blocks of flats too or in terraced,semi-detached ordetached housesand peoplein villages live insemi-detached ordetached houses UK in British cities you will mostly findterraced, semi-detached houses andblocks of flatsterraced houses: are attached to each other in a long row they were builtin the 19thcentury forfactory workers on the ground floor there is akitchen,living room,toilet,bathroom and upstairs there are2-3 bedrooms semi-detached houses: are2 houses joined in the middle each house's layout is amirror image of the other they have fewer rooms and smaller gardens than detached houses detached houses: in suburbs and villages there are also detached houses whichstand alone they havean entrance hall with stairs up to the first floor on the ground floor there is akitchen,living room,toilet,bathroom and upstairs there are4-5 bedrooms USA in the US people who livein cities live usuallyin apartments which they canonly rent not own like in our countryin villages Americans live inhouseswith large front and backgardenssingle-floor houses are calledbungalows orranch housespeople who can’t afford a house can live in atrailer/mobile home which is factory-made home that is transported to the owner’s site they are often in a community calleda trailer park HOUSE X FLAT VILLAGE X CITY VILLAGE HOUSE ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES beautiful countryside you have to commute a lot of woods, lakes everyone knows what you are doing more silent no shops ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES more space more expensive more privacy more work (chores) garden CITY FLAT CITY ADVANTEGES DISADVANTAGES a lot of shops busy and stressful life more job opportunities a lot of noise don’t have to commute traffic jams, polluted air ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES less work less private cheaper you hear noises

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