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DIALOGUE-BANK A:Good afternoon. B:Hello, welcome in central bank, can I help you? A:I would like to ask you about services you offer? B:Yes of course. We offer a lot of services to our customers. For example you are possible to take a loan to create a new bank card or account or also you can withdraw a big amount of money from your credit card here. in what matter are you interested? A:Thank you. I came here to take a loan. Can you offer me some benefits in taking the loan from you?. B:Absolutely. Our benefits are benevolent. A:That sounds great. I would like to take the loan now because of our house repairs. We need to done repairs in time. B:Yes I understand you. So I can offer you 2 choices. firstly, you can choose the loan with lower bank rate small be 5 %. And secondly, we can offer you an option where you can regulate the bank rate, which will be based on your early payments. It means that if you know you will be able to pay earlier than in time you supposed to. You will have decreased bank rate. A:Okay. So I would like to choose first choice with the lower bank rate to 5%. I will definitely send you payments in time then. I would like to ask you about schedule of instalments if I want to borrow 500 000 dollars. B:Yes of course. I will set amount of money per month on 10 000 dollars. Is it possible. A:It can be and how long I will be owing? B:I calculated it on 4 years and one month. A:Okay that sounds great. B:Okay so please could you put here your signature. A: Yes of course. B:Thank you and have a nice day. A: You too, goodbye. B: VOCABULARY:Central bank, offer, costumers, account, credit card, services, bank rate, payments, money, signature, loan, benefits, interest, pay, instalments

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