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Three Men in a Boat - review

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Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) Jerome Klapka Jerome The book was published in 1889 and it is a humorous novel. It is a tale about three friends with a dog on two-week boating holiday on the Thames from Kingston upon Thames to Oxford and back to Kingston. Rumour has it that the book should have been a serious travel guide, but in the end it turned out to be a very comic novel. This book still remains entertaining after many decades for its fresh jokes which are in nowadays. This story is based on Jerome’s own experience of travelling with his two friends. It was George Wingrave and Carl Hentschel, who’s called Harris in the book. And these guys used to take boating trips very often. Montmorency, which was the dog is completely fictional. After this novel had been published, the commercial boat traffic on the Upper Thames became very popular, but after a few years it died out. Because the Three Men in a Boat was so popular, Jerome later published quite similar novel about a cycling tour in Germany, called Three Men on the Bummel (also known as Three Men on Wheels, 1900). Jerome Klapka Jerome was born on the second May 1859 and died on the fourteenth of June 1927. He was a British writer. His name Klapka originates from a name of Hungarian general György Klapka. When he was young, his family was very poor due to bad investments they made in the local mining industry. At first he wanted to be an actor but after some time he started to write poems, essays and satires. During the WWI he volunteered as an ambulance driver. He died from a cerebral bleeding in 1927. The plot tells us about three men and a dog. They’re called J. (like Jerome), Harris, George and the dog Montmorency. In the beginning they think about going on a holiday, for they feel ill and also some of them want to run from their girlfriends. So they decide to go on a boat holiday. They set off the following Saturday. A first they cannot find the right train at Waterloo Station so they bribe a train driver to take them to Kingston, where they have a boat and start the journey. The journey is full of awkward and very funny moments, for instance when they get lost in a maze or when they want to build a tent and a variety of other entertaining moments. J.as a narrator describes passing landmarks and villages such as Hampton Court Palace, Hampton Church, Magna Carta Island and Monkey Island. There are many funny anecdotes, jokes which look like “Pat a Mat”’ and there are also some love triangles. I really like this book. I would recommend it to all of you, because there are jokes for everyone. I also found it quite easy to read when you compare it for example with The lord of the rings. So again I really liked it and in some situations I was crying with laughter.

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