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World's current problems

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12 World's current problems Diseases, Health It would be very difficult, if not impossible, to provide with even basic health care every human being on Earth. With the progression of the medicine and science we are developing new and new cures, medical gadgetry, methods...That is great of course, but that is not the main problem. The main problem is how to be able to apply these in amounts, which would satisfy all who need it. That is not just difficult, it is almost impossible. We can provide proper care just with quite a small part of population. And the rest wouldn't be very pleased with it. We are unable to deal with our current diseases, but that is once again just an easy part of this problem. We know that with the devastation of rainforests, high migration and quick travel system we can expect spredint of new diseases as well as spreading of existing ones over the population which is not resistant to them. Overpopulation will certainly only help spread the epidemics. We can also expect new diseases from the ozone hole, fertilizers, some food, biological war, terrorism and who-knows-what. Environment What to say about our relationship to the Earth environment? It is true that we are slowly turning our planet in to a big dustbin. We are consuming resources, which cannot be replaced. Species of animals and plants vanish. Even if we have no respect to such loses we do not know how bit after-effects can be. We have destroyed the balance, which has existed for millions of years. Maybe, that new balance will be established with or without human intention, but the question is what place, if any, would there be for the mankind. Overpopulation It is true that even now the population on the Earth is higher than we would wish it to be. And it is still growing. We have not enough resources to provide all these people with adequate living standards. There are basically two options. First - some people will have much better chance when compared with the others. Second - people from developed countries will have to give up their comfort and share it with others. First option is natural for the mankind. So are the laws of the jungle. The strong will survive, the weak will die and their meat will serve the others. And the second option? Good joke. Without developing new technologies, which would be able to satisfy the needs of poor of our world. On the other hand current reports says that our future will not be so dark as we think, we should be able to feed people on the Earth if everything is well organized. Migration As we have seen in our past and as we can expect in our future there are several reasons for massive migration. Disasters like floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, diseases, environmental changes or just overpopulation could cause famine. And it's quite natural for hungry people to seek food and when they have no other freee place to go, they will have to visit their neighbors. It is our luck that famine is mostly in poor and badly armed regions. It would be a disaster when some of these countries owned nuclear or biological weapons. Social and psychical effects of modern society Except the troubles that have already been mentioned, there are ones, smaller but even more serious. And remember big trouble coming from many small ones. Human being existed for quite a long time, it's movement from caves and tents to cities like New York or even Prague was to fare for human itself to adapt. The biggest part of human is animal and it is not used to live in such conditions. It has to keep social rules, laws and so on. Most of it is not natural. In our past we had strong religion which was able to hold back the anima, by what, by fear. By fear of punishment which would surely come. As soon as we find out that we can brake religion rules and sun would not fall down we have loosen the bonds and freed the animal. You don't believe? OK why not, but according to scientific reports, most of our troubles and frustration in our everyday lives have origin in the fact we have not had time to adapt to quickly changing condition of current world.

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