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Global problems

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Future global problems Global problems Floods Education P overty ...might globally affect a large number of people. Some of them could kill or injure thousands of people, some of them could handicap whole nations in comparison to others. Famines W ars & conflicts Tsunami Floods are mostly a consequence of another disasters like earthquakes and tsunami waves. Some scientists also say that more common floods are caused by the climate change of our planet. Tsunami - a giant wave caused by an undersea earthquake - is one of the biggest threats for coastal areas. There are many regions in the world largely affected by serious disease. The most dangerous diseases are those which are infectious - they can spread very quickly through the human population. Natural disasters & environmental issues Social problems There are many different types of global problems. Those which are most discussed these days are natural disasters. We can separate global problems into two groups - problems more or less caus ed by humans (social problems) and natural disasters and other global issues, tha t occurred accidentally with no connection to human behaviour. Some global problems are caused only by humans themselves. These problems are the result of human behaviour. Nuclear accidents Corruption Poverty is definitely one of the most serious social issues in developing countries. Poverty might also be a cause of many other global problems like war, disease and famine. Famine is one of the most terrifying problems. It can be caused by the lack of food due to hot weather and poor crops or difficult natural conditions. It can also be caused intentionally by political leaders. It mostly occurs in poor African regions, but there have been a few famines in Europe and Asia as well. The Famine-Genocide in Ukraine between 1932 and 1933 caused millions of deaths of starvation. This famine was intentionally caused by the Soviet Union leader Josif Stalin. Spread of infectious disease Earthquake is a serious issue especially for developing countries in Asia. In recent years, there were many disasters that cost thousands of lives. Wars and other armed conflicts are definitely one of the worst global problems. The power and energy of each earthquake is measured on the Richter scale - an earthquake with a magnitude lower than 2 is slight and mostly not felt by humans. 9th grade and higher on this scale indicates a very strong earthquake with major damage of buildings and infrastructure. It may lead to total destruction. Probably the worst famine in human history, The Great Chinese Famine, was caused by another communist regime in China. It began in 1959 and lasted for three years. The estimated number of victims of this famine varies between 15 and 45 millions. Climate change & Global w arming At this time, the most common causes of many wars and conflicts are, for example, religion or natural resources. Many wars in history were caused by poverty, big social disparities and economic crisis. There could be various global problems in the future, some of them more predictable, some of them less predictable. Some of them haven't occurred yet in modern history, so we can only guess how they could affect us. Some of the current global problems can get worse and develop into real issues with a global impact on humanity. There were two major nuclear accidents in the past, the Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents. Fukushima accident happened in 2011 on the Japanese coast after the local nuclear plant was hit by a tsunami wave. Nuclear accidents like those two are very dangerous because of the possible leak of radioactive fuel, which can have very negative effects on the environment (animals and plants) as well as on humans. Traditionally, corruption is one of the major problems in poor and developing countries. Corruption could lead to the lack of finance in the public sector and a untrustworthy business environment. Although corruption is most common in poor African and Asian countries, it exists also in the Czech republic and many Czechs regard it as a truly serious issue. Wars are no longer only between countries and their armies. Today, many conflicts occur between various terrorist or separatist groups, fighting for territories and power. Even today, people are starving in several countries around the world. Most cases of extreme famine are reported in African countries like Etiopia, Eritrea and Somalia. But some of the most serious cases in recent years occurred in North Korea, a country controlled by one of the strictest totalitarian regimes in the world. A bad education system and low literacy level of the population as a consequence could be considered one of the major causes of many different issues. Some of these problems could be a result of a combination of natural processes and human behaviour. We can also help solve these problems with the help of different types of humanitarian organizations and charities. W ater conflicts Poverty Probably the greatest tsunami reported in modern history was the tsunami wave in the Indian Ocean that occurred in 2004, which massively hit the coastline of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand and caused more than 200 000 deaths of locals as well as foreign tourists. Poverty is a serious issue today, but in the future, poverty in the world could get even worse. Many politicians and experts say that the difference between wealthy and poor people keeps getting bigger and bigger. And nobody can predict, what exactly could happen in the future. Global population increase The United Nations estimates that almost 1 billion people do not have access to clean water, which is one of the basic things necessary for life. For many people, a war represents the very worst global problem. Today, the most serious armed conflicts are in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine. And what is even worse, some regions are getting hotter and drier. If the lack of clean water in these regions isn't effectively solved, consequences

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