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10. Maturitní téma - Public administration - work in it

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PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION President: representative rolehead of the Armysigns new legislationappoints prime minister, ministers, guvernor of CNB, judges, university profesorsdeclares amnestiesdecorate veterans... (gives state decorations) Government: suggest, propose new legislation executive legislative judicalagenda / portfolioministers - run the country, propose legislation Parliament: Chambers of Deputies (200, 4 years, proportional system)the Senate (81, 6 years - every 2 year 1/3 of theme is change for the next 6 years under a 2-round majority system) Process of passing news legislations: Parliament (group of MPs), presidents, government, regions -> they propose a new lawHouse of Deputies - discuss it (3 readings) -> submit it to the Senate the Senate: accept it and submit it to the president or return it to the HoD the president: signs it or vetoes HoD can over vote the presidential veto Self-government: 5 military domains14 regions (head of region = hetman)municipality WORK IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION My schoolwhy did I choose it?how does / did this school prepare me for my future career?Working as a clerkprofessional and personal requirementsrepresentative / reliable / responsible / polite / patient... because ...language knowledgefinancial and business literacycommunicative skillsbe able to use modern technologieshelpful / enthusiaticWork activitiesmaking coffee / feeding fishfilling in documents / filing documentsdealing with...clients / customersorganizising the schedule of...office work / paper workwriting letters

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