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Transport and Travelling

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Maturitní otázka z angličtiny vypracovaná s otázkami bez souvislých textů.
12. Transport and Travelling 1) What is your favorite means of transport and why? My favorite mean of transport is by car. I like it more than by public transport. In a public transport is a lot of people and I hate it. I can’t sit and sleep in the morning,they are so near to me.. By car it is better for travel,for take and moving a lot of things.. Problem is car column. When I travel to my friend to another city,I take a bus, because it’s a far away and better for rellax and more cheaper. 2) How do you get to school? Can you describe your way? Every morning I get to school by train and metro. It takes almost one hour. I live in Vrané nad Vltavou, where I can take only train to Central Station Prague which is going there for 30 minutes. After leave train I go to metro on the line C to Kobylisy station. It takes 10 minutes. In Kobylisy I walk to my school and at 7:50 I start to learning. 3) Where would you go/travel if you had enough money? I want travel to Spain by plane. I love this place and fly by plane is really nice. I like to by in clouds. 4) What are some of the problems that can occur while travelling abroad? Problems with passport in the airport, traffic jam, accident.. 5) What kind of activities do you enjoy doing when you are on holiday? I like traveling to another countries, lie on the beach, sunbathing, swimming, playing voleyball, talking with my friends, meet a new friends, read a books.. Have a trip with family or with friends. I like going to party. Have a fun, drink an alcohol, listen music, dancing.. 6) Do you prefer camping or staying in hotels? Why? It depends. Sometimes I like stay in a hotel with all inclusive, swimmingpool.. It a big relax and freedom. But camping have a lot of nice times. It’s different than live in the hotel or at home. You have to cooking over the fire, looking for a water or food, without electricity and water.. Camping is near to mere or pond and a forest. I like be with my friends there. 7) How can tourism be good for the Czech Republic? The Czech Republic can gain money from tourist, who paid for museums or theatre. Another countries can talk about our country. 8) What are the adventages and disadvantages of flying/travelling by plane? Advantages: It's take a short time, more confortable.. Disadvantages: Expensive, dangerous.. 9) What are the adventages and disadvantages of going by car? Advantages: Better, than on foot, quickly, Disadvantages: traffic jam, 10) What are the adventages and disadvantages of public transport? Advantages: Good city connections, sometimes quickly than by car.. Disadvantages: A lot of people, pay for it, traffic jam, hot in summer, homeless.. 11) When did you last go by train? This morning I went by train. I live in place, where is only train. I use a train every day for travel to Prague. 12) Have you ever been to an English-speaking country? I have been in Spain and Italy where I use English language.

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