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Family - questions and answers

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Rodina (family) What chore did you last help your mother? I help her every day. Last I helped her with tiding our flat. I washed up the dishes and I vakuumed and I went out with our dogs. And I looked after my little brother. Actually this is the worst chore. Can you tell me something about your family? Describe your immediate and extended family. My family is quite big and very crazy. We have a lot of fun together. I live just with my mother and my little brother. My dad lives in Český Dub with her new wife. But we are happy. My mum and dad don´t argue. And I have grandparents too. One grandma lives in Liberec and second lives in Semily. And I have got just one granddad, he lives with grandma in Liberec. And I have one great aunt. She is a nurse in hospital in Liberec and she is very smart and funny. She has got two daughters, they are my cousins. One of them lives in Swiss and second lives in Liberec and she works as a waitress. Do you have a pet? If yes, then describe it. Yes I have got 2 dogs. One of them is a quite bigger. Her name is Mája. She is black and she´s cute. I usually go for a walk with her. And second dog is smaller and brown. Her name is Bety. She’s quite old but she is still active and crazy. Both of them lives with us in our flat. How much pocket money should a student of your age get? Why? We should get minimum 200 crowns a month. Because we have to pay a lot of things. For example bus, or snacks or books to the shool. But I think that optimal pocket money is 500 crowns. Because we can also save some money for a christmas gifts or someone’s birthday and we don´t have to ask our parents every week for another money. What are some (dis)adventages of being an only child? I think it’s very big advantage. Parents have all of their time for you and you get all what you want. And you don´t have to look after younger siblings. And you don´t have to listen to older siblings. But disadvetage is that you are more guarded because your parents have only you. And you can´t ask your sibling for a advice or you can´t play with her. If you could describe your ideal partner, what would he be like?(vlastnosti, co musí mít rád) He has to be nice and friendly, he must be funny, he has to know how to make me laught. He has to love me and he has to like my family. we have to have the same dreams. Definitly he has to be handsome. It doesn´t metter what colour of hair or eyes will have.

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