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6. Australia

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6. AUSTRALIA the official name isCommonwealth of Australiaitscapital city isCanberra theofficial language isEnglishtheircurrency is calledAustralian dollarthehead of the state isthe monarchof the United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II. she isrepresented bythe Governor GeneralAustralia is famous for itswildlife and animals →kangaroo, koala, sheep, Tasmanian devil GEOGRAPHY AND WEATHER Australia is acontinenton the southern hemosphere betweenthe Indianand Pacific oceansit’s made of6 states and 2 territories →Northern Territory andAustralian Capital Territorythe centre of Australia is adesertAustralia’s climate is quite different from the rest of the world in the north there aretropical regions with heavy rain the south hashot summersand cool wintersAustralia’sthe highest mountain isMount Kosciuszko andthe longest river isthe Murray River POLITICAL SYSTEM Australia isa federal state and apart of the British Commonwealththehead of the state isthe monarchof the United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II. she isrepresented bythe Governor Generalthe most powerful position hasthe government which is led bythe prime minister the government in individual states is led bythe premierthe parliment has itsseat in Canberra and is consisted of two houses:the Senate andthe House of Representatives FLAG the Australian flag isdark blue with the flag of the United Kingdomin the upper left cornerin the lower left corner there isone star known as the Commonwealth Starthe rest 5 stars on the flag representthe Southern Cross constellation SPORT cricket is themost popular summer sportother popular sports arerugby, football, soccerand surfing FAMOUS PEOPLE NICOLE KIDMANandCHRIS HAMSWORTH– actorsCATHY FREEMAN– sprinter PLACES OF INTEREST CANBERRA isthe capital city of Australia it is unusual city becauseit was entirely planned and desined by an American architect the city hasgeometric shapes liketrianglesand squares in the centre of the city there is anman-made lakewith The Captain James Cook Memorial Water Jet Canberra is apolitical centre on Capital Hill you can findthe new Parliament House SYDNEY isthe largest and oldest city in Australia one of the most famous buildings isthe Sydney Opera House another famous place f.ex. isSydney Haurbor Bridge the Rock isthe historic part of Sydney with buidings from 18th century MELBOURNE is Australia’ssecond largest city it is alsoAustralia’s cultural capital because ofmanymusicansand comediants started there ULURU (AYERS ROCK)–islarge sandstone rock formationTHE GREAT BARRIER REEF –istheworld’s lagest coral reef

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