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Canada, Great Britain

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Canada: Northerm part of North AmericaVancouver in the west, New Scotland and Newfoundland in the east, Victoria and Baffin islands in the northNiagara Falls are between Lake Erie and OntarioBig lakes: Great Bear Lake, Great Slave Lake or Lake Winnipeg(2 million lakes in Canada)Large mountain areas: the Rocky Mountains, the Mackenzie Mountains and the Melville HillsThe highest peak isMt. Logan (6050 m) in Alaska RegionThe logest river is MackenzieOther big rivers: Yukon, the Columbia and the St. Lawrence RiverCountry is covered by tundra, forests and prairiesCanada was discovered byJohn Cabot at theend fifteenth centuryHead of state: British Ueen Elizabeth II.Valid currency isCanadian dollarFlag: red maple leaf in the white field between two wide red stripesMinerals and natural sources: coal, ion ore and gas (Canada is the largest world exporter of lumber and wood)Capital of Canada is OttawaThe largest city isToronto (famous for its CN Tower), other large cities areMontreal( =Paris of Canada) ,Vancouver, Edmonton, Hamilton, Quebec(oldest city in Canada)National sports areice-hockey and lacrosseRoyal police- královská garda,maple leaf- javorový listAnimals:beawer(bobr), canada lynx (rys), canada goose (husa), moose (los), grizzle bear, musk ox (pižmoň), nort american wolf (vlk) Great britain: GB consists: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern IrelandOfficial title- The United KIngdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandPopulation – English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish,Indians (Indové), Pakistanis, Italians, Chinese, JewsGeographical facts:seas- the North Sea in the east, The Atlantic Ocean in the northwest, the Irish sea in the west and the Channel La Manche in the south (another channel- North Channel between Scotland and Northern Ireland)Island surrounding Britain- Orkney Islands, Hebrides, Shetland Islands, Islands of Scilly, the Isle of WightEngland:Capital isLondon (other city: Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol)Important range(pohoří) of hills is the PenniesThe higghest mountains are theCumbrian MountainsRivers: Thames –flowing through London to the North Sea and the Severn- flowing to the Celtic seaWales:Capital city is Cardiff, highest mountains are the Cambrian MountainsWales is called theland of castlesScotland:mountain situated in the north of GB is called theGrampianshighest mountain isBen Nevis

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