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War of Independence

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American War of Independence Maincauses of the Revolutionary War TheBritish controlled the trade of the US (13 states) The colonists (US) wanted free trade TheBritish put taxes on products – the disagreement with the Colonists resulted in:The Boston Tea Party (1773) DisguisedAmericans threw 340 cases oftea into the sea As a result, theBritish passed “Intolerable Acts”,closed the Boston Harbour andsent more soldiers to keep order The Continental Congress Colonialleaders formed the First Continental Congressto fight the British oppression The Second Continental Congressbegan to act as the American government The SCCset up an army under the command ofGeorge Washington Sent representatives toseek aid from France July 4, 1776 the Congress cut all ties with the UK July 4, 1776 the Congressissued the Declaration of IndependenceThe Declaration of Independence (1776) Themost important Document in American history Written byThomas Jefferson “The 13 colonies were now free and independent states” Named them “the United States of America”George Washington Americanstatesman and soldier Thefirst President of the United States (unanimously elected) One of the Founding Fathers of the US Born into a wealthy family in Virginia Commander in Chief of the US armed forces during the Revolutionary WarThe Battle of Yorktown The most important Battle of the Revolutionary war George Washington’s army (Americans + French)surrounded British troops under gen. Cornwallis at Yorktown TheBritish were expecting Britishships to arrive and rescue/help them InsteadFrench ships arrived and gen.Cornwallis was trapped 1781 the Cornwallis’ armysurrenderedto George Washington Since then theBritish started to withdraw their forces from the USThe Treaty of Paris Was apeace treaty signed in1783 Britainofficiallyrecognized her former colonies – the US – as anindependent nationMain effects of the Revolutionary War The13 colonies were recognized asthe United States of America Britain granted the US the region from Canada to Florida and from the Atlantic coast to the Mississippi river (roughly 1/3 of today’s US)

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