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Health and diseases

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4.MO – Health and medical treatment - diseases and health problems – illnesses, injuries - what to do when you fall ill/you are injured - madical care, at the doctor´s Osnova: Úvod – (ne)zdravý životní styl: jídlo, zlozvyky, pití, spánek…Nemoci, které z toho vedou – příklady/co mám často já – jak je léčit (co dělat)(ne)zdravý životní styl: pohybZranění/co jsem měla já – jak je léčit (co dělat)PrevenceNávštěva u doktoraZávěr Vše, co bychom neměli dělat, jíst a pítVypsat příklady nemocí co z jakého návyku může vzniknout (3) běžné nemoci – prochladnutí, chřipka, rýma, …. čím jsem onemocněla já (1 lehčí, 1 těžší nemoc) jak jsem se léčilaKrátce o sportuZranění, které jsou ve sportu častá co jsem měla já jak jsem to léčilaCo dělat abychom předešli zranění co dělat abychom předešli onemocněníPopsat, jak to chodí u doktora (co s sebou, průběh)Shrnout Our health is really important. First step for improving our health is getting rid of the bad habits as smoking, eating fatty food, drinking fizzy drinks and not sleeping well. It is important to get rid of them because they can lead to various diseases.If you are smoker there is many different diseases you can get. High part of them is really serious. For example breathing problems as asthma but also lungs cancer, tongue cancer orlarynx (hrtan) cancer. But smokers can alsoinflict (přivodit) some disease to surrounding people like parents to their kids. Then is also important to eat healthy because if you are lover of fast foods it can easily lead to obesity and obese people have higher risk of having diabetes, higher blood pressure or cardiac and vascular diseases. Then is necessary to sleep a lot, at least 7 or 8 hours per day. Because if you have long lasting sleeping problems you can have depressions,fatigue syndrom (únavový syndrom) and chronic sleeplessness can lead to several addictions. But even healthy lifestyle doesn´t mean no diseases. You can get simply cold or for example havecongenital (vrozenou) disease. I am personally not often ill. In my life I have only few diseases. Only thing that I have chronically is a hay fever on springtime at this time it is important for me to always havehankie (kapesník), pills and eyedrops in my bag. Then in my opinion the worst disease that I ever had wastonsillitis (angína). I was at home for quite long time and had antibiotic.And now I am healthy and that is most important. But we can´t forget that our body need to be healthy from inside but also from the outside. So, I want to talk about sport and injuries that are part of it. Because sport should be definitely part of our live. Someone who don´t do any sport and just go running from time to time can have problem withpulled (natažený) orstrained (namožený) muscles. So, it is necessary to stretch your body before and after every exercise and if it is possible, exerciseregularly (pravidelně). But then are here people who do some sport really often or even professionally and unfortunately it can lead to several injuries. In football it is for example problems with knees or head injuries, in athletics it could be problems with legs and muscles and in basketball which I play as I said it is also problems with knees, twisted ankles or broken fingers from ball. I had sprained ankle for 4 times. Last ankle problem that I had happened on tournament 2 years ago. I accidentally jumped on a foot of the player from opposite team and my ankle twisted. It started to beswollen (nateklé) really fast and it pretty hurt. I put my feet up and then I went to the hospital. They gave meplaster (sádra) andcrutches (berle) for 3 weeks and then had to play withankle brace (ortéza). From that time, I haven´t got any injury. Because I am trying to protect myself before it. I always stretch my body and if something hurts me, Iresolve (řeším) it immediately and gave myself a rest and that is the best and even really easy way that I can do for my body. But it is also about luck so you can´t pretend what is going to happen. And when I do this, I would be really angry if some illness makes me stop playing, so I also trying to protect my inside health. There are several ways how you can do this. For example, taking probiotics or going on some kind of therapies maybe. But I do it also really simply. I am just trying to eat lot of vitamins, fruit and vegetable, relax from time to time and if it is possible sleep a lot but it´s sometimes not that easy.And if I have some problem that could be bigger, I go to see myGP (praktický lékař). I always have with myself theinsured´s card (kartičku pojištěnce) which I give to my doctor when I come to waiting room. Then she calls me into hersurgery (ordinace) and I tell her my problem with all symptoms, than she make everything that is necessary, sometimes she look into my throat, check my blood pressure, take my blood or listen my heart beat to make the best decision. After that she give me few recommendations like to stay in bed or drink a lot and sometimes, she must write meprescription (recept) to some drugs. So easily it is important to protect our health at all and if some problem sometimes come into our life, we should resolve it and don´t just let it go. And that is the best way to be healthy.

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