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Our school

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18. Our School First, Secondary Technical School was founded inČeské Budějovice in 1939 but then, two years later because oflack of suitable space there it was permanently moved to Písek. Therefore the year1941 is considered to be the year of establishment of Písek Secondary Technical School. At that time it was specialized inmachinery and there were only five classes attended by 207 students. Education started in a new building, which used to belong to Apprentice School. The most interesting fact concerning our school address is that number 402-Karla Čapka street was the address of Písek tavern. What do you think about it? Is there any linkage? … In 1964 another school specialty -heavy current was introduced. In 1992low current specialty replaced the previous one and has been taught since then. Nowadays our student are given a choice from one of three branches:telecommunication, automation and the last but not least –computing. In 1995 new trends in the society results in opening two new school branches:technical management and office work. These types of education were temporary, that’s why the class graduated in 2002 was the last one. One year later our school changed its name. Since then it has been: Písek Secondary and Upper Secondary Technical School because of introducing education on higher electro technical level. During the last decade the school was equipped with fitness center, driving course classroom, language laboratories. These days it provides education for about 600 students who attend 20 classes. 180 computers are available here and this number is permanently growing. All mentioned novelties were realized mainly during the last ten years. Mr. Horažďovský hasbeen itsheadmaster for this period of time… Since the establishment of our school, in total there have been 6 headmasters. Several improvements were being realised during the years, including reconstruction of the main building in 1953 and 1968. The basement where workshops are situated nowadayswas added in 1961. The cloakrooms were placed into the top floor (above these workshops) in 1987 so since then they have been available for our students. In 1996 the school put on a new “coat”, the blue one. These days it is also being considered to construct a gym. But time will show…

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