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Czech republic - Prague

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CZECH REPUBLIC - PRAGUE Prague is a capital of the Czech Republic and it is said to be a heart of Europe. In middle ages, it was a big important city in the time of the king Charles IV. Now it is the most important political, economic and cultural center of our country and a place of residence of our president Miloš Zeman and Czech Government. Nowadays Prague is a city of one and a half million inhabitants. It is a center of Bohemia and it spreads out on both banks on river Vltava. The historical center is very nice. There is a Wenceslas square, which is the largest and the most important square in Prague. The square is typical for a statue of Saint Wenceslas on the horse in upper part of the square. There is a lot of small cafeterias, fast foods and restaurants. On the top of the square, there is the National Museum. The Old Town square is known for the Astronomical clock with twelve apostles going around beyond two little windows every hour. From The Old Town square we can go to the Charles Bridge. Charles IV. built this bridge, when the Judith’s bridge was torn down by the flood. The most famous area for tourists is the Prague castle. It is the seat of the president. There you can visit for example the Golden lane.

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