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Family - Family Problems

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F A M I L Y – F A M I L Y P R O B L E M S Family is one of the most important things, that we have. It´s not only mum and dad, who make family nice and harmonious. It depends on the relationships in the family and among members in it. One of the basic rights of the family is to decide how many children to have and when to have them. The full family mean much for children. Growing up in the full and harmonious family will be influence all future life of this person. The family should be the place, where you will be return every time glad. The place, where you will feel comfortable and happy. But nowadays there are a lot of problems, which influence the family and relationships in it. For example - unemployment, money, school or work, drugs, alcohol, disrespect, career, violence and so on. People work a lot to earn enough money for their family. They are in stress, tired and unhappy. They haven´t enough time to be with the family and everyone is unhappy about it. Especially poor families have problems with money- children can´t study as they want, people don´t have money to keep house, buy food and clothes. Altough some families have enough money, they have different problems. Coexistence children with stepparents or with one divorced parent, drug or alcohol abuse and some parents have little time for education of their children, they prefere own career. Sexual and phycical abuse belongs to the worst problems. Now women and men have almost the same laws, but 100 years ago it was different. Women had to learn cooking, sewing, keeping house and perhaps singing or playing a musical instrument. They could do only a few jobs: to teach or to look after other people´s children. The First World War marked a great change for women. Men had to go to the army and women filled up their places in factories or in the offices. They proved they were just as good as men. But when the war was over, they went back to their homes. The same thing happened during the Second World War and after it women became more indenpendent. They started to vote and to find job. But now in some jobs they are still less paid. It exists two visions for the future: One says that women and men are going more and more equal. The second says that the things are not going to change so much, because women are already interested in keeping house or looking after children. They enjoy it.

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