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Maturitní otázka z angličtiny vypracovaná s otázkami bez souvislých textů.
6. London 1) What kind of city is London? London is the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. At the same time it is the largest city in the country. It's the residence of monarch 2) Where does it lie? London lies on the river Thames in southeast England. 3) When was it founded? London was dounded in year 50 by Romans. They built a small town on the Thames named Londinium. In 1666 there was a great fire, which destroyed almost the entire city. 4) Which are the most famous monuments? Tower of London -it is the oldest building -originally it was a fortress (pevnost) -today there is a museum where the Crown Jewels are kept (kde se drží korunovační klenoty) Tower Bridge -is one of the most famous symbols -it was built in 1894 in the style of Victorian Gothic -it can break in the middle and rise up to allow large ships to go through (může se zlomit uprostřed a zvednout se, aby mohly projet velké lodě) Piccadilly Circus -it is one of the busiest places in London -the heavy traffic reaches its peak around 5 p.m. (těžká doprava dosahuje svého vrcholu kolem 17h) -is famous for its neon advertisements (je proslulý svými neonovými reklamami) -is famous for a statue of the Greak god of love Eros (socha boha) Oxford Street -which are the famous shopping centres Hyde Park -the largest green park in London -there is the famous Speaker's Corner in it -where anybody can proclaim anything except any offence to the queen and the royal family (kde může někdo hlásit cokoliv kromě křivdy královně a královské rodině) Buckingham Palace -is a classicist building and the residence of the Queen and the Royal family -it was built by Lord Buckingham in 1703 Westminster Abbey -it was founded in the 11th century -british Kings and Queens have been crowned there and many of them are buried there. -it is an excellent example of Gothic architecture. The Houses of Parliament -are also in Gothic style -there were only built in 18410 after he old building had burnt down (byl postaven až v roce 1840 poté, co shořela stará budova) -the only part that escaped the fire was Westminster Hall -there is also a famous clock tower with Big ben Big Ben -it is charakteristic bell ringing Downing Street 10 -it has been the official home of British Prime Ministers since 1731 (byl oficiálním domovem britských premiérů) Trafalgar Square -it was named after Admiral Nelson's victory over Napoleon (byl jmenován po vítězství admirála Nelsona nad Napoleonem) -there is Nelson's statue here -this place is very popular place for demonstration and meetings City -is the financial centre of London -there are many banks and financial institutions -Bank of England St. Paul's Cathedral -built by Sir Christopher Wren The Royal Albert Hall -the most famous music hall The British Museum -most famous museum Whitehall The National Gallery 5) Where is the commercial centre of London? The commercial centre of London is Oxford street. 6) What is the residence of the Royal family? The residence of the Royal family is in the Buckingham Palace. 7) Where is the official home of British Prime Ministers? The official home of British Prime Minister is in Downing Street 10. 8) Which are the most important theatres and museums? The British museum Theatre Museum The Natural History Museum London Palladium Haymarket, Theatre Royal

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