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Maturitní otázka USA

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USAMaturitní otázka The USA is short for United States of America. The USA consists of 52 states. For example Alaska, Florida, Washington, Texas, California… The USA is situated in Central America. The USA has for neighbour on the north Canada and on the south it is Mexico. It is a very big country. The United States is the world's third- or fourth-largest country in the world. The USA is slightly smaller by total area than the Europe. The United States is the third most populous country in the world with a population over 300 million inhabitants. It is highly urbanized, over 80% of the population residing in cities and suburbs. We use a transatlantic ferry or a plane to get in the USA. The president of the USA is Donald Trump. The capital of the USA is Washington D.C.. The USA is governed as federal state. Its name is coming from an Italian explorer Amerigo Vespuci. The most known cities in USA are: Miami, Kansas, Los Engels, Las Vegas, New York, and Philadelphia… The countryside in USA is very beautiful and very different from place to place. There are many splendid places to see all over the country. Many national parks were created in the aim to preserve the beauty and the nature. For example: George Washington and Jefferson National Park, Cherokee National Forest, Everglades National Park, Grand Canyon … The USA is a country of all weather conditions. For example it can be very freezing cold on Alaska. The north of USA can submit a heavy snowing and extremely cold winters. The South of USA is sometimes a victim of hurricanes with heavy rains. It is also place of holiday to many people because of its tropical and hot weather on Florida, Bahamas and Hawaii. The USA industry is very large and various. There is know-how in a car industry with the brands like Ford, Tesla and Jeep. The textile industry created in USA one of the most prestigious brands like Tom Tailor, Calvin Klein and Levis. The fashion industry has its centre in New York. It is represented in magazines like Vanity Fair, Vogue and Cosmopolitan. A food is a special domain in USA. All Americans loves fast food and the USA itself is the home of the fast food with the brand McDonald, KFC and Coca Cola. There are many different foods in USA typical for the country. The most common and the best known is the American pie, lemon cake, the hamburgers, bagels, pancakes. To conclude, I would like to say that as the USA is a very large country everything in it is large. The cars are big, the roads are large, and the mountains are high and wide. The cities are bigger than in Europe and the rivers are very long. It is a great place to visit.

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