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ENTERTAINMENT (THEATRE, CINEMA, MEDIA). CULTURAL LIFE IN OUR COUNTRY AND OUR TOWN. We live in hectic time full of stress. Almost everyone suffers from a lack of free time. Despite being so busy, people always find a little bit of time for entertainment. There are many options, because everybody likes to do something different. One of them is culture. Without culture, our lives would be black and white – simply boring. That’s why I am going to talk about cinema, theatre and media. I personally love almost all kinds of film genres. One of my favourite ones are for example military, action, historical, sci-fi, comedies and psychological dramas. There is one genre I hate. Unrealistic romantic movies. It is not like my heart is made of stone. It is because they have exactly the same storyline. Usually there are two people who fall in love, then some evil person makes them split up, but they start to date again and get married. I hate intrigues, in films and even in real life. Unfortunately, I don’t go to the cinema as often as I would like to. It is mainly because I am quite busy with school stuff and also, I am poor student. In my opinion, tickets for the cinema are becoming more and more expensive. Also, if you wait a little bit longer, you can watch the film at home on the internet. But cinema has its own magic. The atmosphere is better than at home. Other possibility of entertainment is going to the theatre. People who go to watch the performance are called the audience, people who perform are called actors and actresses. Really important are also directors, costume designers, stage technicians. Plays are staged according to playwrights. If you are going to the theatre, it is appropriate to dress politely and elegantly. Women are usually wearing dresses, skirts, blouses and men are wearing suits or trousers with elegant sweater or shirt. I am not a big fan of theatre. But once a year there is an event called Summer Shakespearean Festival, where the actors play Shakespeare’s dramas in the open air. In Ostrava it takes place in Slezkoostravsky hrad. Tickets for theatre are more expensive than tickets for the cinema. Also, the construction of theatre is more demanding. For projection in cinemas all that’s need is a movie screen and a reel of film (nowadays they have electronic form of films). In theatre there must be stage with various lightning effects, behind the stage there is a backstage area where actors change costumes during the play. Also, curtain raises and falls at the end and beginning of the performance. Also, theatre needs prompter. Our best-known theatre is National Theatre in Prague. Tickets are expensive there and must be bought in advance. In our town, theatre performances take place in Vlast. Also, there is theatre – Čtyřlístek – where are mostly performed performances for kids. Usually people from Frydek-Mistek go to theatres in Ostrava. Newspapers and magazines are print medias. In newspaper you can find sections about politics, sport, current world issues. In Czech Republic we have Právo, Dnes for example. Magazines are more specialised. There are many magazines devoted to your hobbies (car, music, guns magazines). Also, there is difference in the way it looks. Magazines are often made from glossy paper, while newspapers are from normal one. Also, in magazines there are more pictures. I don’t read newspapers at all. I am more into magazines, but not the tabloids like Blesk or something like that. Our city has its own journal – Zpravodaj in which you’ll find interesting news and information about events in our city. My cultural life consists mostly of watching series or films. But once in a while I go for example to a public lecture, cinema or museum.

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