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7) Geography of the USA

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7. Geography of the USA (no thi just d USA)  50 states o (48 + 2 = Hawaii (over 3.200 km away) and Alaska)  Flag o 13 stripes (7 red + 6 white)  the first states o 50 stars (one star for each state nowadays)  4 th largest country (after Russia, Canada, China)  capital city = Washington D.C. (district of Colombia) X Washington NW  300 million people o 9.5 million km 2  original inhabitants o native americans (Indians) o over 100 ethnic groups  USA is sometimes called as melting pot (old = because they don´t melt today => they mix = delicious food) x salad bowl SURFACE  highest mountain = mount McKinley 6194 m.a.s.l. (Alaska)  lowest = Death Valley -86 meters above the sea level  Appalachian Mountains = East  Mississippi Basin (3 rd biggest river in the world)  Around half of the USA is made by the Cordilleras in the west. They consist of several parts: o Rocky Mountains – reach over 4000m o Colorado Plateau – Grand Canyon o Cascade Range and Sierra Nevada – the highest peak of the continental USA Mt. Whitney (although the highest peak of USA is in Alaska – Mt. McKinley)  Coast Range WATER  Lakes o Great Lakes (border with Canada)  Lake Superior – 2nd largest in the world (after The Caspian Sea)  Connected with river Hudson  USA shares lakes as Huron, Erie and Ontario with Canada  there is also another large lake in this region - Lake Michigan  The Great Lakes Region is the biggest reservoir of fresh water in the world  The Niagara River connects Lake Eire and Lake Ontario forming the world- famous Niagara Falls  Niagara Falls  50 meters high  USA has 1/3rd  Rivers o The Mississippi river (the largest) o The Missouri o The Colorado o The Rio Brande o The Hudson (New York)  Borders o Canada o Mexico o East Atlantic Ocean o West Pacific Ocean  National Parks o Yellowstone (Wyoming) o Grand Canyon (Arizona) o Everglades (Florida) o Rocky Mountains WEATHER and CLIMATE  nearly everything o Alaska – arctic o Florida – subtropical = wet o California – temperate = dry CITIES  Miami  New York City  San Francisco  Los Angeles  Detroit  Dallas  Chicago  Philadelphia  Houston  Hollywood OTHERS  Economy o rich resources o good education o industry high level

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