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Food, drinks, health

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Another famous alcoholic beverage is a Japanese rice wine called saké. It's drank hot or cold, according to the season of the year. The traditional Mexican drink "tequila" is made from the agave plant. It's widely used as an ingredient in many popular cocktails like the Margarita. Food, Drinks & Health ...is a group of many different cuisines. From the Scandinavian countries to the north to the Mediterranean cuisine to the south, European gastronomy comprises of thousands of original recipes, using different ingredients. When we speak about gastronomy, we cannot forget about drinks and beverages. As well as meals, beverages play a big role in each nation's traditions. Europe has an enormous number of different culinary traditions. Each European nation has its own original cuisine containing various specialties. Ja p a n e s e c u is in e i s d e fi n it e ly th e m o s t u n iq u e o f a ll A s ia n c u is in e s . B e s id e s o th e r tr a d it io n a l m e a ls , th e m o s t p o p u la r m e a l is a c o m b in a ti o n o f s p e c ia l ri c e , s e a w e e d a n d f re s h u n c o o k e d f is h , to g e th e r c a ll e d " s u s h i" . It 's a ls o b e li e v e d t o b e th e h e a lt h ie s t c u is in e i n t h e w o rl d . Europe USA Mexico Africa European cuisine M e xi co h a s p ro b a b ly th e m o st i n te re st in g cu is in e i n C e n tr a l A m e ri ca . M e xi ca n s u se b e a n s, c h il li p e p p e rs , co rn a n d to m a to e s a s b a si c in g re d ie n ts . U nl ik e o th er n at io ns , A m er ic an s d o n' t ha ve a l o ng tr ad it io n in g as tr o no m y. M an y re ci p es w er e b ro ug ht t o t he U S A b y Eu ro p ea n im m ig ra nt s, b ut a l o t o f ne w m ea ls h av e b ee n in ve nt ed t he re . Drinks and beverages Each region has its own specialty, but most popular meals and recipes come from Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom. African countries and their cuisines have been influenc ed by many different sources - for example by Mediterrane an and Arabic civilizations. Middle East Beverages can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Almost all countries in the world have their own traditional beverage and each producer has their own recipe. Mediterranean cuisine ...along with Japanese cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine is the healthiest in the world. Basic mediterranean ingredients include olive oil, herbs, fish, olives, nuts and wine. Apart from mixing drinks together to create a cocktail, some alcoholic drinks like wine or beer are also frequently used as one of the ingredients in cooking. It serves mostly to flavour sauces or to marinate meat. In fact, it has been proven that what we eat and drink can greatly affect our health both positively and negatively. Eating fried and fatty meals could cause us to suffer from serious conditions and diseases. An unhealthy diet usually causes obesity or diabetes and affects the heart. On the other hand, people can prevent serious diseases by consuming healthy food and by drinking reasonable volume of alcohol beverages. Italian cuisine, which contains popular meals like pizza, spaghetti and lasagne, is well known around the world. French cuisine is much more sophisticated than other Mediterranean cuisines. It emphasizes the culture of fine dining and uses many exclusive ingredients like truffles, snails and Foie Gras. The traditional French lunch or dinner usually tends to have more courses than in other countries. All countries in central Europe have similar culinary traditions and basic ingredients. These days, more and more people care very much about their health. Some of them prefer to adjust their lifestyle instead of using various drugs. There is also a significant rise in the popularity of many sports and activities such as jogging and working out. Central European cuisine British cuisine Both Greek and Spanish cuisine use a lot of fish and seafood. Greek cuisine is well known for its "feta" cheese made of from sheep's milk. The Spanish national meal is Paella, yellow-coloured rice dish with a variety of seafood. The United Kingdom and especially England is famous for its breakfast. A full English breakfast includes sausages, bacon, mushrooms, baked beans and tomatoes. It's primarily pork and beef meat, bacon, potatoes and different kinds of vegetables, that are used the most in central Europe. Czech cuisine Food and beverages are very different based on the region or country they are from. It mostly depends on the country's traditions. Recipes for meals and beverages were developed for various purposes. Most of these purposes were practical, for example to prevent food or water from getting spoiled in times when refrigerators didn't exist. Each cuisine uses slightly different ingredients (which vary by climate) and prefer some procedures (like baking, cooking, smoking or frying) more than others. But even at the country level, recipes for the same meal could be very different, because each producer and family could have its own approach. Bouillabaise [bujabéz] ...is famous French soup made of different kinds of fish and seafood. It is served with white bread and lemon. Eintopf ...is a German specialty. "Eintopf" literally means "one pot". The secret of this meal is hidden in the slow cooking of all the ingredients like beef or pork meat, sausage, potatoes, vegetables and herbs all inside the pot together. Hamburger ...is an American invention named after Hamburg, a city in northern Germany. There are thousands of variations today, but the basis for this recipe is a portion of minced meat (usually beef) between two halves of a bun or even bread. During the 20th century, it largely expanded and became popular literally over the whole world. Ta pa s ... is th e na m e fo r s m al po rt io ns o f v ar io us ap pe tiz er s lik e ol iv es , s m al fis h, d rie d ha m o r c he es e or ig in al y se rv ed in S pa in . Champagne Scotch whisky Tequila ...which is a traditional French luxurious sparkling wine,

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