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Czech republic - Geography

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ANGLIČTINA MATURITNÍ OTÁZKY CZECH REPUBLIC - GEOGRAPHY The Czech Republic lies extends in Central Europe – it is called the heart of Europe. Our republic has four neighbor states. In the North it is Poland and in the South Austria. Slovakia is in the East and Germany in the West. The country consists of three main regions: Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. The Czech Republic doesn’t have any seacoast, but it has many rivers. The largest river is Labe – it has its source in the Giant Mountains and leads into the North Sea. The largest and the most important tributary of the Labe is the Vltava. Several huge dams have been built on this river, for example Orlík, Lipno or Slapy. South Bohemia is known for its large and numerous ponds. Freshwater fish are farmed here, especially carps. Also two glacial lakes can be found in Czech Republic – Černé and Čertovo in the Šumava Mountains. The terrain of our country is rather hilly. The Giant Mountains and Šumava form the Western border. Šumava is a paradise for lovers of the nature. It is a very old mountain range. The highest mountains in the Czech Rep. are the Giant Mountains – Sněžka 1602 meters high. The Jizerské and Orlické Mountains lie on the border with Poland. Prague is the capital city of CZ and also the largest city. The second largest is Brno, Karlovy Vary is the biggest and the most famous of our spa towns. Other large cities are for example Ostrava, Plzeň, Olomouc and České Budějovice. The climate is mostly continental, the warmest area being in South Moravia.

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