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The UK - United Kingdom

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THE UK United Kingdom the UK is situated in the North-west part of Europe it is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland Symbols are: Royal Family – with Queen Elisabeth II St George’s Flag Double Decker The oak is the national tree of England Political system: The UK is a constitutional monarchy The official head is the monarch, the real power has the constitution Parliament consist of House of Commons and the House of Lords Geography: Lakes are Loch Ness and Loch Lomond Rivers are Thames, Trent Mountain top – Ben Nevis (1 343m) Mountain ranges – Cambrian and Grampian Mountains Sports –favorite sports are rugby, cricket, football Place of interest are: London – is a capital city Oxford – there is the oldest English University (12th century) Stratford-upon-Avon – birth place of William Shakespeare Stonehenge – is an ancient monument Wimbledon – tennis tournament Questions: What you know about the British royal family? Royal family names Windsor. The Queen Elisabeth II has four children with her husband Philip. Important are Charles and his sons William and Harry. What other place of interest do you know? I know Liverpool, Bath, Cambridge, Edinburgh,... Do you know any lakes in Britain? I know Loch Ness, Loch Lomond, Lake Bala,... What is Loch Ness famous for? Loch Ness is famous for the Loch Ness Monster. Nessie maybe never exist. Nobody know if it is Nessie live. What is Liverpool famous for? Liverpool is famous for Beatles and football team. Beatles was a English rock band. Their famous songs are Yesterday and Hey Jude. Do you know any products that are exported from Britain? It is very interesting question. I think that are English tea, Rolls Royce, Brandy, clothes,... British Literature William Shakespeare was born on 23rd April 1564 in Strafrod-upon-Avon he had one sister and one brother William married Ann Hathway in 1582. They had three children – Susan, Hamner, Judiht. He went to the London in 1587. In 1599 he bought The Globe Theatre he wrote history plays (Julius Caesar, Richard II, Henry VI), tragedies (Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello) and romances (The winter’s Tale, The Tempes),... he died on 23rd 1616. He was 52 years old. he is buried at local Trinity Church. The most important Czech translator of Shakespeare’s works was J. V. Sládek. Globe Theatre – was opened in 1599 in London. was made of wood, it was round, there was no roof. was destroyed by fire on 29 June 1613. modern reconstructions of the Globe Theatre, named Shakespeare’s Globe, opened in 1997 second Globe Theatre was built in June 1614 and close in 1642. Romeo and Juliet–is about unhappy love and death of Romeo and Julier Montague family and Capulet family hate each other. Romeo and Juliet had got secret wedding. Juliet looks as if she was dead, Romeo kills himself. When Juliet sees Romeo dead, she kills herself too. Oscar Wilde was born in 1854 in Dublin. he was educated at Oxford. he was interested in classical language and literature he went to Italy, Greece and the USA. he lived in France. he died in France and was buried there he wrote drama, novel and short stories famous is Picture of Dorian Gray. Drama for example – Ideal Husband.

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