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Money and finance

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Money and finance Personal finance We can pay bydebet card, credit card,chequeorcashIf buy somethig we usually recieve a receipt If we payby debet card, we draw money from our account Wespend on your money If we payby cheque, we write amount on special paper and give it for example receptionist in a hotel, if we payour bill. If we payby cash we take money from our wallet We have gotnotes andcoins in the wallet We can also payby paypal It is a globale-commerce business which allows you to pay your payments through the internet The money that we pay for services (for example to a lawer) is usually called afee orfees(poplatky)The money that we pay for a journey isa fare(jízdné) CURRENT ACCOUNT It’s account which is in the bankWe canwithdraw your money when you needWe can withdraw it in thecash machine The bank sends us a regularbank statement(bankovní výpis)telling you how much money is in our account SAVING ACCOUNT You save your money on this accountYousave it for some time time – for example for 10 yearsAnd you can withdraw your money when 10 years expiresAnd you withdrawmore money than you save because we also recieve someinterest LOANS It’s money which you borrow from the bankIt’s good if you need buy something expensive but you don’t have enough moneyIf you borrow money from bank you have to payinterests Interestsare money which you pay extra So you pay more than you borrowed MORTGAGES It’s money which youborrow from the bankYou borrow it only onbuy orrepairhouse or flatYou have to pay back money which you borrowed plus inerests WITHDRAWING OR DEPOSITING MONEY You can withdraw your money from acash machineYou need your card towithdrow moneyYou can alsodeposit your moneyin a bank Public finance Thegovernmentcollects money from citizens throughtaxes(prostřednictvím daní) Income tax(daň z příjmu) is the tax collected onwagesandsallaries Inheritance tax(dědická daň) is collected on what people inherit from others. VATorvalue added taxis a tax paid on most goods and services

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