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15. Sports and games

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15. Sport and games Sports are very good for active relaxation and are important for our physical and mental health or just for keeping fit. There are lots of types of sports and games. We can practise outdoor or indoor sports, in water or anywhere we want. We can divide sport in some groups: team, individual, summer, winter, indoor or outdoor. We need some equipment suck as: bat, ball, protect dresser, glows, javelin, beam, rings or bars. We can play on field, court, beach, rink, hall. People can watch sport, matches, Olympics, tournament horse races in TV or in seat. I like run, because when I run I can listen to music and it is relaxing for me and I will come to my new thoughts. Swimming can be individual or team sport. It can be a both. People can swim in river, swimming pool, lake, dam, see or indoor pool. There are many types of swimming events such as: dog, butterfly, breast, crawl, backstroke or relay Boxers have to have protected helms, glows, protection for their elbow, wrist and tooth. Boxer is combat sport or sometimes it can be martial art. Boxers can fight in the ring, in the street or so metimes when they are drunk in pub. Basketball you can play in the street, court tor basketball court. The most professional and the highest level in the world is NBA. The most successful sporting event which held all around the world. There are summer and winter Olympics. Only the best athletes participate. They are held every 4 years. They are inspired by the ancient Greek Olympics. Pierre de Coubertin founded Olympics about 19th century. The first modern Olympics held in Athens. In Paralympic games compete disabled people. Symbols are Olympic flames, flag, torch and five rings different colours represent five continents. There is an opening ceremony and closing ceremony. Winter receive medals (gold, silver and bronze) Athletes stay in the Olympic village. The main idea of the Olympics is not important to win, but to take a part. Sports for summer Olympics are cricket, athletics, gymnastics, rowing, hurdles, jeweling, high jump, long jump, trample jump, relay, race-walk. Sports for winter are circling, ice hockey, figure skating, box, sledge, skeleton, speed skating, cross country skiing, skiing. Successful sportsmen are Emil Zátopek, Bolt, Čáslavská, Koukal, Kvitová. Host cities are Begging, London, Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver, Nagano. I think that cricket is popular and national sport in England. It became popular at the end of eighteen century. England take the cricket to other countries, because England has colonies in the past. Cricket can be play in English speaking country. The game is play with ball and bat and 2 teams. There are eleven players in the teams. They roles are batters, fielders and bowler. The fielders can catch the ball in the air. Cricket was invented by England. England is not the best team, but Australia, India, Africa are the best team. Cricket game last up to five days. Millions of fans watched the matches in the world wide. Scientist believe that running may help you to remember things better. People who watch television the whole time- couch potatoes – may be in danger of having heart attack. It is not the television that is the problem, but sitting in the same position for a long time. Surfing is a hugely popular sport. Very few people go surfing regularly. Sport and games are very important for active relaxation and are also important for our physical and mental health. The main difference between sport and game is that game is the collective and the sort is more individual – it means football or basketball are games and skiing or swimming are sports. We can practise some of sports and games indoor and some of them outdoor. In the first group there are ice-hockey, basketball, handball, figure skating or gymnastic and in the second group there are baseball, golf, winter sports such as skiing, relays or riding. Some sports such as diving, windsurfing or racing can be quite dangerous and very expensive. Many sports have their origin in GB. The most specific is cricket, often called the English national sport. It has never been adopted in foreign countries. Also football, golf and tennis are very popular there. Rugby is very popular in Scotland. In the USA there are especially baseball and basketball, ice hockey and golf. There is a long tradition of school sport clubs at all of the high schools and colleges. There are also very important world’s sport events. The most famous are the Olympics, which are held every four years and have hot its summer and winter part, which change once every two years. Other important events are the World, Cups, The Formula One Championship, Wimbledon. Kinds of sports: Season sports, outdoors, indoors, social, single, water, ball games. When you want to do some sport you firstly need to know the rules. If don’t know it you may be sent off the play or you don’t achieve the best results you could. You nearly always need some equipment for doing it. For instance, when you play golf you have to have a lot of equipment – different kinds of stick, balls, special trolley. For some sports you don’t need nearly anything, just your body. At school we have our Physical Education lessons (two lessons a week). When the weather is good, we use to go out to the stadium, where we usually practice athletics. During the winter we usually go to a gym, where we practise gymnastic or we play basketball or volleyball. We have many famous sportsmen in the Czech Republic. They play football, hockey, do athletic. The famous sportsman who play football are for example: Baroš, Koller and Rosický. Famous Hockey players are Hašek and Jágr. And now some famous people who do some other sport: Dvořák (athletic), Sáblíková (speed-skating) for example.

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