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Business and the environment

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Business and the environment (The green office, how to make offices more environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly offices as more efficient places to work, how work will change in the future) Green Office is a practical environmental management system for offices. It helps to you to reduce the ecological footprint and greenhouse gas emissions of your office. Green Office is suited to all sizes of offices and all kinds of organisations, whether they are in the private or public sector. Even small actions can make a difference if enough people are involved.Green Office motivates your office staff to act in an environmentally friendly way in everyday tasks. And because the scheme also improves environmental awareness and creates savings, it benefits your company as well as the environment. In a workplace usually there are a lot of computers and other equipment in use. And these things consume electricity. A solution for this is for example that these equipments could be power down when you go for a lunch and certainly when you leave the office at night. Or at least set up a standby mode in computers. Another point which can reduce the cost of printing is double-side printing. Once you have finished the documents, recycle the paper appropriately. If one side is blank, you could use the other side for example for taking notes. This way you are maximising the use of paper. It isn’t always necessary to print out a meeting agenda for every member, because can you show it your presentation, or simply send it via email. Use whiteboards or overhead projectors to display meeting agendas rather than printing and distributing them. One of idea is also solar energy systems, it can be expensive, and aren't always practical depending on your office location and setup, but sometimes it is a very good investment. Every office should have a recycle bin. It is good to have a company near a public transport, because it can help to save on both petrol and carbon emissions. Having plants in your indoor environment can help clean the air and improve your mood and it is also a very nice decoration.Make sure that your office is being cleaned using green products that are not damaging the environment. Encourage workers to bring their own reusable water bottles and coffee cups and mugs. This will help reduce the waste associated one-time cups. You can encourage members to do this by having posters around offices. Companies usually give their employees a branded coffee mug after they’ve been around for a while. Most of people think that future job will be mostly from home. Home office is very important these days already, but it could be more develop. But in my opinion I don’t think it is very efficient and effective to have work at home. Since in my eyes at home there are a lot of things that might distract you from your work. And you can’t be such focus as you will be at work, where people around you work and make a work environment and mood. Working also with your teammates is god for social life, than be all day at home alone and do your job by yourself.

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