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Travelling People have travelled constantly throughout the history of mankind. They did it to get away from harsh conditions towards a milder climate and more hospitable weather. Their main motivations were finding easy obtainable food, perhaps a source of water, a safer location from predators or more fertile land. In the past, tribes travelled in order to expand their territory, because they need more land for agriculture. Or they could be fleeing from more aggressive tribes. One such notable event would be the migration period, or also the barbarian invasions, from 400 to 800 AD. Developed societies organized explorations of unknown lands, because they wanted more living space and new resources. The most common example is the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1492 or Australia in 1606. Nowadays, people travel for different reasons, such as better work opportunities, education and holidays or vacations. My parents moved to Russia and later on to the Czech Republic, because of work and they had hoped I would get a better education here than in Vietnam. Also, studying abroad is probably the best and quickest way to learn a language. Even lower class can visit a different country these days, as tickets are very cheap. They can go skiing in the mountains, swimming in some tropical lands or even visit old historic centres to see a different culture and educate themselves. People can travel by land, air and sea. Travelling by air is probably the fastest way to cross a great distance. It is also statistically the safest method, although I understand why some people are afraid of it. It is because you lose control and when something malfunctions, you usually cannot do anything to change your fate. When people travel by a cruise ship, the voyage is the main event, as they are luxurious and equipped with everything, for example swimming pools or even a golf place. But it is very expensive and people usually travel by boats or ferries. It is also common for people to get seasick. Travelling by land includes using the car, the bus and the train. The bus and the train are both quite eco-friendly and they are also reasonably fast. The car is the most convenient way, as you can stop and rest whenever you want and you are free to change the course, but it is also environmentally damaging and quite expensive, especially for longer distances. A popular way to travel for young people is hitchhiking. They have to ask strangers on the road for a ride. There is a typical gesture – it involves extending the arm towards the road, closing the hand and sticking the thumb up. I know a friend who travelled to Poland this way. I personally would be too afraid to try it, partly because of the language barrier and partly because I would be afraid that they’d rob me. When people travel abroad, they usually need some sort of accommodation. We could stay at a hotel, which is both the most expensive and the most comfortable option. Hotel rooms are equipped with a bathroom and a toilet; some have even a TV, air condition and a fridge. The rooms are regularly cleaned by chambermaids, so you don’t have to worry about anything. The cheaper options include a hostel, or a bed and breakfast. Some people prefer to stay in a camp. Thanks to the European Union, even third world citizens such as me can freely travel through Europe without having to apply for a visa. I only need my passport. This sadly doesn’t include the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, travelling is a good way to learn more things about the world and meet new people

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