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14. William Shakespeare

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14 . WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE wasa famous playwright, poet and actorhis plays and sonets have beentranslated and read all over the worldhe wrote about40 playsand over 150 sonnetsLIFE: he was born inStratford upon Avon in 1564 he was only 18 when hemarriedAnne Hathaway who was 8 years older they had3 children together:Susanna and twins –Hamnet and Judith Hamnet died ath the age of 11 and his death made William writethe play Hamlet laterhe moved to a London he was also part owner of a company calledthe Lord Chamberlain’s men the company built their owntheatre called the Globe in the end of his life hemoved back to Stratford andhe died in 1616 after his death many people began to say the work by Shakespeare was not written by him and even now we can’t be 100% sure that he really wrote all of his plays HIS WORK: is divided into 3 parts the first part includescomediesand historical plays A Midsummer-Night’s Dream The Taming of the Shrew Henry IV. Julius Caesar the second part includessonnets (which are 14 lines poems about love) andtragedies Romeo and Juliet Macbeth – is about the path to power through a crime Hamlet – is about a prince who takes revenge for murdering his father Othello – shows us human betrayal and manipulability King Lear andin the third part there are mostlyfairly tales The Tempest The Winter’s Tale ROMEO AND JULIET the tragedy Romeo and Juliet is aboutunhappy love andhatred between 2 houses in VeronaRomeo is fromthe house of Montague and Juliet is fromthe house of Capulatesone day Romeo meets Juliet atthe ball and they immediately fall in love with each otherand later they getsecretly marriedRomeo unfortunatellykills Juliet’s cousin Tybalt and he is sent to the exileJuliet’s parents want her to marrya rich man Paris but she doesn’t want to because she loves RomeosheasksFriar for help and hegives her a potion that will make her look deadRomeo finds about about Juliet’s death,buys a poison and goes to say the last goodbye to herhe kills himself and when Juliet wakes up and sees Romeo deadshe takes his knife and kills herselftooMontague and CapuletHousesfinally reconcile in the end

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