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2. The United States of America

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2. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA itscapital city isWashington DC (Dictrict of Columbia) theofficial language isEnglishtheircurrency is calledUS dollarthe countryconsist of 50 states + Washington DCthehead of the state isthe President Donald Trump GEOGRAPHY AND WEATHER the USAis located onthe continent of North Americaits thefourth largest country in the worldthere isthe Pacific Ocean to the west andthe Atlantic Ocean to the eastthere are50 states + Washington DC 48 of them are locatedin central North America Alaska is in thenorth-western part of NA andHawaii is inthe Pacificthe highest mountain isMount McKinleyin Alaska andthe largest river isthe Mississippi Riverin the central US there arehot summers and cold winterswith thunderstorms and tornadoesSouthwester America is muchdrier with desertsAlaska has anartic climate whileFlorida and Hawaii havetropical climate POLITICAL SYSTEM the US is afederal republicthe goverment consists of3 branches:the legislative, the executive and the judical the legislative branch makes the laws and is represented by2 houses ofUS Congress the Senate andthe House of Representatives the executive branch include theoffice of President andgoverment departures the judical branch consists of theSupreme Court andlower courtsthere are2 main political parties:the Republicans andthe Democratsevery state has itsgovernor HISTORY the original people of the USA areAmerican Indians → they came to America thousands of years agofrom AsiaafterCHRISTOPHER COLUMBUSdiscovered America in 1492 Europeans started settling the continentthe were13 English colonies but they had to pay high taxes to England which they didn’t like so theydeclared independence in 1776the worst time was theCivil War in 19th century when theNorthen and Southern states fought agains each other due to South’s desire to continue theslavery FLAG the flag contains13 red and white stripes → representing theoriginal13 coloniesand 50 white starson a blue backgroud → representingthe states SPORT american footballis the most popular sportother popular sports arebasketball, baseballand ice hockeytheSuper Bowl (American football championship game) is the most watched television program of the year FAMOUS PEOPLE WALT DISNEY – creator of cartoon charactersMARILYN MONROE – actressNEIL ARMSTRONG – first man on the moonMICHAEL JACKSON – singer PLACES OF INTEREST viz 4. otázka

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