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3. London

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3. LONDON London is thecapital city of the UKand Englandit is located inthe south-east of England on the river Thamesit is a seat ofthe Monarch, the Parliament, the Government, banksand other international organizations PARTS OF LONDON THE CITY OF LONDON– is theoldest part and it‘s abusiness, financialand economical centreTHE CITY OF WESTMINSTER –ispoliticaland administrative life centreWEST END –is theshoppingand entertainment centreEAST END – used to by poor but now it is rapidlydeveloping area HISTORY the city was probablyfounded 2000 years ago when theRomansbuilt their town here and called itLondiniumthe city survivedplague in 1665 when Black Death killed almost 100 000 peoplein1666 the Great Fire of London burned down most of the city later an architectCHRISTOPHER WREN rebuilt the townduringthe World War II London was heavilydamaged by the Germans bombing TRANSPORT London was the first city in the world to have an underground railway systém calledthe TubeLondon is also famous for itsred double-decker busesand black taxisthere are6 airports → the biggest on isthe Heathrow and others are f.ex.Stanstedor Gatwick PLACES OF INTEREST THE TOWER OF LONDON – theCrown Jewels are kept hereTHE TOWER BRIDGE – it’s a bridge whichopens in the middle and let large ships go throughHOUSES OF PARLIAMENT – are the residence ofmembers of Parliament there is also famous clock-tower calledElizabeth Tower with the Big Ben bellTHE LONDON EYE – is a giantFerris wheelBUCKINGHAM PALACE – is the residence ofthe Queen and her familyTRAFALGAR SQUARE – is named afteradmiral Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar → his statue is hereMADAME TUSSAUND’S WAX MUSEUM –is the museum of wax figures of famous people and celebritiesDOWNING STREET 10 –is an officialseat of British Prime MinistersPICCADILLY CIRCUS – is a round square with cinem as, theatres, restaurants, pubs and so on

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